I got caught up! Kuroshitsuji 2 – Eps 1-6

OMG I posted something. You all have five minutes to faint in shock, then wake up and start reading. I DEMAND IT! You will obey, because, well just ask those who defied me and well you’ll obey.

The show has not one, but TWO hawt Butlers, so you should be watching this already anyway. But if you aren’t I’ll be talking about stuff from the first six eps, so if you haven’t gotten that far, beware all ye who enter here for SPOILERS ABOUND!

I know I know, hawt Butlers aren’t a guarantee of a good show. If I had known that I would have saved myself the waste of time and not bothered with the Mei-chan no shitsuji dorama.

But not only are these butlers hawt, but they are hawt demon butlers. Trust me it makes all the difference ๐Ÿ™‚

Though I do have to say I wasn’t sure from the first episode if I was going to like this. There is no denying Claude is hawt and his skills as a Butler are beyond reproach (well except for that smidgen of sauce he left out of place on Sebby’s plate. But then maybe he did it on purpose to catch Sebby out…) but personality wise he’s rather bland.

Unlike our delicious Sebby, with his smexy smirks and teasing/torturing nature when it comes to the adorably cranky, pouty Ciel. Which brings me to another reason I wasn’t sure I was going to like this, in one word Alois.

As his Uncle points out, he looks like an Angel but he’s really a little devil in disguise. Unless its normal for one to poke out the eyes of a servant. Though it has to be said he seems to single out the maid rather than abusing the entire staff.

The look of utter boredom and nonchalance on his face as he holds his hand out for Claude to clean, speaks volumes about his true nature. He’s a vile, ill tempered little sociopath and so far I can’t find one likeable thing about him.

Of course he did have it rough if the opening was anything to go by, since it hints he may have suffered some sexual abuse. Still Ciel’s life hasn’t been a bed of roses either, the difference here is that Alois seems to be unnecessarily cruel.

He just has a sinister air about him and I have to say he really does make my skin crawl. But then I suppose we aren’t really supposed to like him.

So actually moving onto some of the actual plot. A strange visitor turns up at the Trancy mansion. Turns out its Sebastian, he needs to retrieve something in order to awaken the slumbering Ciel. Apparently lugging him around in that case is the easiest way of carrying our dear little Ciel around.

In episode 3 Lizzie makes an appearance and she’s as exuberant as ever. I know for that reason a lot of people find her irritating. She bugged me at first, during the first season. But you really get to see how much she loves Ciel in this episode and just how much she is doing for the sake of his happiness.

Ahh it just wouldn’t be the same without Grell. He’s as funny as ever and still pining after Sebby. He’s there to reap the soul of some crazy nut of a lady, burning people to death.

Apparently some mysterious man told her she’d find true love if she did it. Personally I think she’d have been better off on match.com, but that’s just me.

Anyway Grell doesn’t get that soul, something very mysterious is going on here, I’m sure we’ll learn more later.

I have to say I totally enjoyed seeing Prince Soma again. There had been little hints to Ciel’s lack of memory, but now we finally get confirmation. Ciel doesn’t remember him, he doesn’t remember anything from season one. He’s even unaware of Madam Red’s death.

Soma had promised Sebby he wouldn’t cause a scene, or act in a way that would alert Ciel to the fact he’s missing parts of his memory. Of course Soma fails in spectacularly epic fashion. The idiotic Prince can’t help but be overcome by emotion when he sees the friend who doesn’t even remember him.

Seeing Alois as a trap just further proves Ciel is better, because well Ciel looked way better. Alois thinks he’s getting one over on Ciel, even as he’s coming onto him. But Ciel had his number all along and allowed Alois to get him alone to find out what Alois wants.

Alois wants Ciel, who could care less about anything other than the revenge he can’t remember he already had.

Sebby is hawt, Claude is hawt. Sebby+Claude+fighting in water = UBER HAWT! You’re totally welcome for that complex equation btw. I stopped drooling long enough to write it down for those of you who may have been too busy staring to actually comprehend the magnitude of it.

Our fighting butlers make a pact they will give their masters exactly what they want. Sebby will make Ciel believe its Alois he wants revenge upon because he cannot consume his soul as it is. Apparently he’ll accomplish this by letting Alois have is way in obtaining Ciel.

Would Sebby really do that to Ciel? I certainly can’t wait to find out. The old gang are in great form and I’ve dearly enjoyed seeing them again. Claude and Alois may prove to be interesting adversaries. Particularly Claude since he seems to be on a par with Sebastian and so should prove to be more of a challenge to our beloved demon butler than previous foes have.

In a nutshell I loved the first series and as long as Ciel, Sebby and the usual suspects continue to get as much airtime as they have already. I’m in it for the long haul ๐Ÿ™‚

OP Theme – “SHIVER” by the GazettE.

I really like the OP, its catchy, you can just have fun rocking out to it.

ED Theme – “Bird” by Yuya Matsushita

Wasn’t sure about this one at first, but its really grown on me. I love the ending animation, its really simple and fits perfectly with the song. Unfortunately the only vid I could find on it, keeps crashing my browser. So instead I put the official video up. But hopefully you’ll decide that Kuroshitsuji 2 (Black Butler 2) is worth checking out and you’ll be able to see it for yourself.


13 thoughts on “I got caught up! Kuroshitsuji 2 – Eps 1-6

    • I would, if I wasn’t at work right now ๐Ÿ™‚ But I will definitely be checking it out tonight. I will welcome it after an hour and a half on yoga!

      I have two days off next week so you just might get a post on episode 7!!

  1. Um, you definitely need to check out the next ep (7), it’s way epic! Thx for your post! Also, agree that Alois is a total jerk even w/the sad backstory, and if the ep.8 preview is right, also might be an even bigger creep than we already think…

    • Well thank you for reading. Epic you say? The work day cannot be over soon enough!!! Now I have something to look forward to watching tonight.

      Uh oh, I dread to think what evil machinations are going to happen in episode 8!

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  3. Hohoho I still have to catch up myself, but… xD lol free equation that’s enough incentive by itself rofl.

    “Heโ€™s a vile, ill tempered little sociopath and so far I canโ€™t find one likeable thing about him.” so dead spot on =x, I’m not sure why they made his personality at all other than to highlight how much better Ciel is~

      • Psft, Ciel doesn’t need someone to compare to. One look at him and you…mmm… Ciel…(yes, I’m a shouta-con when Ciel is involved!)

        I’m still feeling iffy about watching it, but this is nudging me in the “watch!” direction. At the very least, I’ll be getting those songs (I LOVE the ending song).

  4. Well yeah, you can’t really compare to Ciel, its no wonder Sebby is so hooked ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m also a sucker for pretty blue eyes, thanks to hubby ๐Ÿ™‚

    The more I’ve heard it, the more I love the ED theme and I just love the simplicity of the animation. That lone butterfly a serene, sleeping Ciel and Sebby’s hand gently touching his head.

    Say it with me everyone! Awwwwwwwww….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Well Just watched EP 11

    By Allah Almighty it’s getting more cool by the minute (wrote about general impressions from EP 1-9 in my anime blog: aevumus.wordpress.com)

    They now are saying it’s only 12 EPS


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