Kuroshitsuji 2 – Eps 7-8 – Sympathy For the Devil?

Sebby loves his weapons.

So last week the butlers made a deal, Alois would get Ciel and Ciel would get revenge on the person who had caused all his misery, who he is now being led to believe is Alois. Dueling maids and butlers, dueling elite, this episode really is all about fun and games, twisted games.

Sebby really loves his weapons.

If it were anyone else, you’d say taking on triplet butlers with spears and demon maids with big guns would be crazy, but since its Sebby we’re talking about here, we know the cutlery is more than an adequate defense.

Hannah really loves her weapons.

Hannah takes great pride in her weapon. Maybe the size of it is to compensate for her only having one eye. I mean her depth perception is probably a little off right?

Unfortunately for her, her pride and joy is no match of Sebby and his knives.

Claude likes to store his weapon in Hannah. Yes I did just say that.

There’s a deep throat joke here somewhere, but I’m totally not going there. Wait, I think I just did…

Oh my! Can it be? Claude has actually managed to subdue our beloved, seemingly invincible Sebastian!

While the butlers have been hard at play, so have Ciel and Alois. While it may look like Alois has the upper hand, he didn’t bet on Ciel’s determination.

Indeed he shouldn’t have underestimated Ciel Phantomhive, who at great pain to himself, stops the sword trying to pierce him and instead strikes a devastating blow to Alois.

Ciel slaps Claude as he pulls him away from his Master and leaves some of his blood behind. On tasting it, Claude goes into an almost orgasmic, rapture (Yes I did say that) he finally realizes just why Sebastian is so fixated on Ciel’s soul.

Alois gets Claude to do everything for him. Whilst Ciel does pretty much the same thing, but with one big difference. When it comes down the final deed, Ciel unlike Alois, would do it with his own hands, or the revenge would mean nothing at all.

This makes his soul pure even though its dark and Claude is put into a trance by the taste of such a delicious soul.

In fact Claude is so transfixed, he hardly seems to care about his Master bleeding to death on the floor.

I greatly enjoyed episode 7. Surprisingly not because of the fantastic dueling that took place, but mostly because of the ending.

I don’t think the difference between Alois and Ciel has been shown as profoundly as it was here. Particularly as Alois cries his eyes out, snot dribbling from his nose, as he wails and clings desperately to Ciel, begging for his life.

Ciel hardly even seems to feel the wound on his hand as he looks down at the pathetic view Claude makes. You just know if the positions were reversed, instead of providing the same pitiful view that Alois is, Ciel would more likely be goading Alois to get on with it and take his life.

Though we all know that would never happen, because that would mean Ciel losing and well, Ciel never loses, because he has one hell of a butler. 🙂

Alois’s suspicions at the end of episode 7 seem to be confirmed at he beginning of episode 8. Alois, despite his cruel nature is no fool and realizes that something is up with Claude.

The way Alois reacts to Claude smiling at him, makes me start to understand why he treats Hannah the way he does.

For one thing, Claude doesn’t smile gently like that, so that means the sentiment behind it is fake, since he’s showing Alois a fake smile. Alois would know that and can’t handle it. When he’s being apathetic and following orders, Claude is being honest. It seems perverse that Alois would prefer Claude when he’s being cold and aloof as opposed to warm and smiling, but when you figure he knows what the different behaviours mean, it makes sense.

Secondly I think Alois reacts to violently to Hannah, because she treats him with care. Such as taking care of his bandages. Given with what he’s gone through during his life, Alois can’t handle someone showing him positive emotions.

Looks like he started to lose the ability to feel after the death of his parents. Everyone in their village saw he and his brother as burdens and treated them as such. Alois grew to hate them, to the point where anyone but him and Luca wasn’t worthy of living.

Then he lost Luca and truly became alone. There was no one left who cared for him. So he acts out the way he does either because he just doesn’t know how to deal with caring emotions, because its been so long since anyone treated him with genuine affection.

I’ll save you from the suggestive morning after image, because this one on its own is enough to make me want to vomit.

Or because deep down, he doesn’t feel that he’s worthy of them because of how he was used by that perverted old man.

Its evident how lost he is by the way he acts when he’s primped and preened and brought before the disgusting, vile, perverse, filthy, Lord Trancy.

He acts all bold and seductive, because he doesn’t really know what to do, which is evident by the fact that he has no wish with which to make a pact with Claude.

Maybe he acted like that, because he considered that by allowing himself to be used in that way, that he was being shown affection.

Whatever it was all his illusions were gone by the next morning and he finally had a wish with which to make his pact with Claude.

Claude tells him that Sebastian under Ciel’s orders was behind the destruction of his village and therefore Luca’s death.

All along he’s wanted Ciel, but really his aim is Sebastian. Killing Sebastian is no good, that would be too quick. He wants the man behind the murder of his brother to suffer and the best way to do that, is to destroy what Sebastian covets most. Ciel and his soul!

And so Alois pours his soul out to Claude, he’s alone, Claude is the only one in his world. Unfortunately for poor Alois, Claude has no use for a soul that has love for him and so kills his master, stating that his soul will be useful for something.

So yeah, I really ended up feeling some sympathy for the demonic brat in this episode. His cruelty was his way of masking what a scared, little kid he was inside.

Whereas Ciel took what happened to him, and took his anger and used it to fuel his need for revenge, to make himself stronger.

Alois wasn’t able to handle everything that happened to him. He became weak and buckled under the strain. Unlike Ciel he couldn’t find the strength to live for himself, he needed someone to be his support, he didn’t have the strength to be alone.

The music didn’t hurt either. They played the new ending theme through some of the most painful of Alois memories, and it really helped with the sad atmosphere.

Whereas in the previous episode, you almost shared Ciel’s disgust at Alois pathetic display.

I think this time, you really couldn’t help feel some sympathy for how he turned out into the pathetic creature that he did. Plus I think you feel sympathy for how little control he truly had over his life. Which was probably another reason he acted the way he did. It was his way of exerting control in a situation where he has none.

He’s been played by Claude from the start and has continued to be played, just like Sebby is playing Ciel, by making him believe, Alois is his enemy.

With all the twisted games that are going on, can we really believe that Ciel and Sebastian are really behind the destruction of that village?

The end part with Hannah was also interesting, as she stood over Alois’s body and talked of his wish. Is he really dead?

I’m so glad I decided to watch this show this season. Its certainly been gripping so far!


9 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji 2 – Eps 7-8 – Sympathy For the Devil?

  1. Wait wait I remember it was Sebby’s old master who ordered the destruction of Tranny’s village, not Ciel. Claude even mentioned Sebby’s old master dying and his new master being Ciel.

    • Good recall.

      So clearly, Alois has been manipulated just as Ciel has been. I guess Claude just doesn’t know how to cultivate a soul as well as Sebby XD

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