What can be done in 30 minutes?

Yesterday, I stumbled on to some promotional videos for Cintiq, which is a series of really nice (aka expensive) tablets. I happen to have a Bamboo, which if by the same company, Wacom. Anyway, the interesting thing is, they decided to have some artists whom I rather like to do live drawings.

Kishida Mel, who designed Atelier Rorona and the original Sora no Woto, among other things.

I rarely watch these kinds of videos, because A: most of the people who are drawing just aren’t that good and B: they usually give out instructions, if any, in Japanese. I’ve been drawing for a while, so I can generally figure out what people are doing, but some of them mess with all kinds of functions on PS which is might as well be hieroglyphics to me (have you ever seen the photoshop instruction manual? It’s monstrous. I can’t figure what most of the stuff does, which is why I don’t use it that often). But, I really like this series of videos. Probably because the artists don’t do the generic approach (see example of the generic approach here).

Also a part of the series is

Redjuice, known for working with Supercell and drawing “world is mine”, among other things.

Kei, known for designing Miku, Luka, Rin, and Len, among other things.

今泉昭彦, whose art I recognize but can’t quite name…

The scary thing? All of these were drawn in around 30 minutes. o_O

These types of videos, when I like them, tend to elicit one of these 3 effects from me.

1) I liked them before, but I like them even more now that I know how they draw. Ex: pixel phantom (note: crap quality, nico’s better).

2) I like the way they draw, but geez, it looked better when it was half finished! Ex: this guy (really, I honestly think it looked better when he showed the lineart).

3) I didn’t like the art style, before or after, but I have to admit that the way they draw is seriously awesome. Ex: this guy (all of THAT, on ONE layer, holy cow. Even my art teacher, who is a professional painter and owned a design firm before deciding that he wanted to relax a bit, said that he wouldn’t want someone like that as competition. Again though, quality is awful).

If you find these to be interesting or helpful, I would also recommend that you check out some of the promo videos from Illustudio, which seems to be a nice, gimmicky, little program.

They’re a bit on the generic side, but it’s still interesting.


12 thoughts on “What can be done in 30 minutes?

  1. Great find, it’s educating to see Kishida and redjuice draw. Go SAI power! Now I just need to find a Kantoku video..

    You should start using that tablet! I have a graphire4 from wacom, which is kind of like a bamboo. Drawing digitally saves me a lot of erasing grief and crinkled paper. Also saves me the trouble of wasting paper and sharpening my pencils. Just easier overall once you get the hang of not looking at your hands but the screen as you draw. Although that problem is solved with a cintiq.

    $2000 for the big cintiq, tempting…

  2. That is mighty impressive. If you see a Kantoku one, please let me know.

    And here I was randomly contemplating getting that drawing touchpad for $300, but this device ….

    Okay I should consider it if I genuinely draw art, not when I sketch and haven’t sketched in two weeks. Well, half finished drawings are interesting due to lineart.

    I wonder, how does one balance between lineart and coloring? Wait, we discussed this before, but this video of real time drawing makes me go whoah a bit more.

    I find what can be done in 30 minutes for an artist amusing because that’s the exact same amount of time at AX the professional artists had for producing each shikishi. It’s mind boggling to now have seen video on life modern technology programs (with too many features to follow), and seeing hand drawing live (with just pencil, pen, markers, and drawing board).

    *takes out shikishi* ahhh yes.

    • I wouldn’t recommend the touch pad, I heard it’s not pressure sensitive, and you won’t appreciate that until it’s too late. An actual tablet (without the screen) is much cheaper though, a small one on sale won’t even cost a hundred.

      I’m always surprised at shikishis though. Sometimes it feels like they take a long time but doesn’t actually draw much. Well, that’s mostly due to this one thing I read where the guy was interviewing KID and Mutsumi Sasaki spent the entire time drawing, even though the final product was only a head and some hair, which shouldn’t have taken that long. I had to admit that I’m biased against Mutsumi Sasaki though, I like the look of shikishis from most artists.

      • I was concerned about pressure sensitivity. This makes me go even more whoah over their fine detail when someone draws properly on it.

        For now I’ll stick to sketching, er tracig.

        Yes, it is entirely true that after all the time spent, the shikishi is just a head. It must be the parameter setting, though really, it’s done all by hand (er, no computer program assisting). Maybe it’s not standardized? (By that, it can vary since it’s not for a specific project or under conditions by that point other than the character chosen?)

        Well, objectively speaking it takes me an hour to trace so ….

        I need to spend my 30 minutes better.

    • Thik of it this way: an ipad is 500 bucks. This is 4 times the size of an ipad, and it’s pressure sensitive. Although it can’t run apps, the price is actually pretty similar. Well, I say that, but I think an ipad is ridiculously overpriced too anyway…

      • Cintiq is something one day in the very far future when I graduated school and has a paying job may consider.

        Ipad. Hell. No.

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