A belated birthday post-ish kind of thing

As countless other people has probably informed you, Hatsune Miku’s birthday passed a few days ago. Whoot~ To celebrate the occasion, I’ve decided to write a post. Then, I saw the above image (by Rella) and thought “why bother? I can ask people to guess the song instead!”

Just like last time, I’ll offer to draw something for the person who can get the most number of correct answers (now that I think about it, you still haven’t contacted me, Tess!). Those who just want to know the answer can find it at Rella’s pixiv page, so it’s a bit of an honor system here~ BTW, for those who are interested, Rella also drew this absolutely heart wrenching doujin for Chibitalia, which just makes you tilt your head and go “Aww…. *sniffle sniffle”

And, for people who are disappointed at the lack of more vocaloid art, I suggest this page, which has over 400 interesting and high quality pieces of vocaloid art which you might not have seen yet.

Update: Sigh… There aren’t many participants, are there? Sob… So, overwhelmingly, Raiga is the winner!


4 thoughts on “A belated birthday post-ish kind of thing

  1. Romeo to Cinderella, Hello Planet, don’t know, Melt, Koi wa Sensou, World is Mine, Black Rock Shooter, Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki, Saihate, Innocence, don’t know, Voice (?), Ievan Polkka, don’t know, Koi-iro Byoutou, Rolling Girl, I totally forget the name of this one, Yellow, and normal Miku (if I had to pick a song, I guess Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru?).

  2. Ever since one of my friends got into Luka, I’ve started to like Miku songs more and more. It’s probably also because of Project Diva 2, some of the MVs are so cute and mashing buttons is surprisingly addicting.

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