You sure love your sociopaths…

Nisio Isin has written about sociopaths before. Iichan from Zaregoto is definitely not person who’s sympathetic towards others, and from the little that I’ve seen of Bakemonogatari, Araragi isn’t exactly your average person either. But Mahou Shoujo Risuka… Geez… To make a 10 year old that cold and calculating… to make him murder a classmate in cold blood and blame it on a dead man… to make him manipulate the people around him in such a way… I had to read it 3 times before I could be sure that it really happened. Geez, with a personality like that he could go against the cast of death note and win if he got older.

Now I’m stuck with nightmares of a kid standing over my bed and waiting to stab me. Fantastic. I’ve got to hand it to him though, this shock just makes me want to keep on reading.


4 thoughts on “You sure love your sociopaths…

    • Right, that too. The guy with the screws is 100% creepy. Although the story’s getting tiresome, so I’m not really keeping track of that series anymore.

      • For me the story started to get tiresome with the flask plan arc, and now with Kumagawa’s introduction I got interested again.

  1. Peter from Ender’s Game is an interesting one. But he’s smart enough to realize that sociopathy is not conducive to long-term success, and he changes during the course of the book.

    Furthermore, Peter has two siblings who are not sociopaths, who are his match.

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