Err…school seems to take up more time that I remembered, so…yeah. The above, when finished, will be the award for the contest 2 weeks ago.

Umineko is getting ported to the PS3, that’s a bit sad because it can’t be cracked and seeing CGs and whatnot will be a pain (I’m still waiting for that CG pack for White album!) The op song is nice though, even if the graphics/video aren’t that great (why aren’t they hiring those fan animators who can do something better for cheaper? Wait, don’t answer that)

I’ve finished the kuudere (Aoi) route in Hoshizora no memoria. It was…OKAY (I heard that it’s one of the weaker paths though). Basically, most of the path is trying to get her to be dere (not that interesting), then she’s completely dere in a second, gets mad at Chinami (the twin tailed one), leading the protagonist to avoid her a little for a few days, which is when she goes through that whole “OMG HE DOESN’T LOVE ME ANYMORE LIFE HAS NO MEANING” thing. Turns out she got her kuu because she moved, which makes me want to slap some sense into her and tell her to suck it up and move on. I went through 6 schools and 3 languages in 7 years and I don’t tell everyone to go and die. Sheesh. It’s interesting though. At the beginning, Chinami was the loud and annoying one, and Aoi was the one with common sense, but the roles switched (Aoi’s seiyuu is much too squeaky when she’s emotional). Chinami was really wonderful at the end, and I’m really curious for her path now.

Another thing is that I’ve started on Yosuga no sora (trying to finish it and write a review before the anime comes out, completely futile, I know). It’s nice, and the BGM and BGs are really, really wonderful in comparison to Hoshizora no memoria. This girl makes me cringe though. That expression looks like a Yandere about to snap. Seriously.

On a non-related note, while I haven’t spent much time on the computer, I have been watching quite a few documentaries. If anyone’s interested in the film industry in Nigeria, Nollywood Babylon is very interesting.


17 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. I was planning to preorder Seacats PS3, but apparently it would cost 108 USD even before shipping and handling…

    Also, have you heard about Recettear’s surprisingly successful English release by a pair of former Something Awful forum members (and subsequent MangaGamers whining)?

    • I’ve definitely heard a lot people say that they like it. It’s not really my type though. And holy cow that’s expensive. Especially since it’s not even the entirety of Umineko anyway. Wait, is it going to be the entirety of Umineko?

  2. Yeah school sure sucks, it’s sucking my time like a tornado.
    I wasn’t aware about the Umineko ps3 game untill yesterday.First Knk blu ray box announcement now this.I probably won’t have enough to buy both since I don’t have a ps3 for Umineko, it would cost me around 500 USD, the same as Knk’s box price.Gaaah.

    • Blueray is kind of wasted on me due to my crappy TV+computer, but I’m definitely interested in that special. I wonder if it’s going to be the near epilogue with “shiki” (the actual one) or the far epilogue with Mana (my favorite character in the series). Well, it probably won’t be Mana, but I can still hope, right?

  3. Yay, happy to see a fresh post.

    6 schools and 3 languages in 7 years? I won’t ask of the schools, but curious on the 3 languages.

    At first I thought finishing Yosuga no Sora prior to the anime was doable and forgot it was September somehow.

    • I KNOW! Time’s passing so fast the only logical explanation is that time isn’t passing at all and I’ve hallucinated the last 2 weeks. As for the languages… there’s my mother’s language, which doesn’t have an English name. I don’t speak it much because my dad can’t speak it. Then there’s mandarin, English, followed by French in schools. French doesn’t really count since I only took it for a few years.

      • Seriously!

        I was about to guess your mother language (or a dialect per se) was the 3rd language. I’m like wait I know it’s not Japanese. You’re Canadian and French happens.

        Time did pass really fast. I can’t figure out if it’s going really slow or really fast, especially when I made a few orders at the start of September, like a cosplay that is expected to take 15 – 18 business days, I forget it’s not the 18th day yet.

        Yeah visual novels don’t seem the thing you’d play out in the public. And yet, it’s a novel so ….

        Who knows, VNs on a PSP/DS maybe will work. Or maybe not.

  4. Believe it or not, I was in the cafeteria, and there was a guy sitting there playing Umineko. I facepalmed extremely hard, I only realized what game it was when I saw the extremely yucky art…

  5. I apologize for being inconsiderate. I was more facepalming at the fact that he’s playing a visual novel out in the open in public. Considering I live out in the sub-urban area where 99% of the people don’t even know what a manga is and anime comes with really negative connotations.

    I just felt kinda embarrassed for him I guess.

  6. Chinami’s route provides quite a surprising amount of overarching backstory, but I pretty much skimmed everything else in her route. Incest is not my favorite (and Chinami worked better as comic relief :D), but alas, what not to suffer through for accessing the true route!

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