Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 1: err…


I mean, you see these kinds of  stories all the time. The main character finds some embarrassing secret of another character, they work together on events relating to said secret, and the plot moves along. It was how toradora started, and I loved THAT show. But oreimo doesn’t remind me of toradora at all. No, I’d say that it reminds me of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, which is a show that I strongly disliked. I mean, the show feels fun. It’s nicely animated, nicely directed, and got a few chuckles out of me. I find Kyousuke to be easily relate-able and fun to watch. But there’s something about Kirino that I just can’t agree with. I mean, first of all, she’s ridiculous. There’s no way in hell you can play that many eroge while working, keeping up with school work in Asia, making sure that you parents don’t realize it, and still have friends like that. Second of all, her personality’s… At the beginning, she ignores Kyousuke and slaps him away when he was just trying to help her. That’s a nasty way to treat someone who, from the look of things, is just an average nice guy. I also have a problem with the way that Kirino treats her hobby. Well, more like how the author decided to treat her hobby. The way that she was portrayed felt like such a gimmick. I mean, they basically went “HERE! Look at this girl! She has this ONE weakness! And YOU know it! Now, you can get close to this PERFECT girl that you would never be able to talk to otherwise!”

This feels a little too close to real life though, at least, for me. I mean, I’m a girl that plays eroges, and I technically have an older brother too. I actually have recommended eroges to friends (males and females), although not with Kirino’s over the top presentation. I’m also less character oriented and more plot oriented than Kirino, but there’s something there that’s sending shivers down my back. Seriously, my gut is telling me that something bad will happen if I keep watching this show…

Also, lol at Kirino’s eroge. At first, they still kind of fake it. For instance, the above looks like a parody of Touka Gettan.There’s another that’s a parody of RPG gakuen .

This looks like something from Suzuhira Hiro.There’s also stuff that seems to be from POP.

And then they kind of went “You know what?  Let’s just put in actual eroges.” I mean, Flyable heart, Kiss to maou to darjeeling,  school days, sakura sakura, Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka, Sugar+Spice, Da capo, lyrical lyric, Amatsu Misora ni!, Lyrical lyric, Natsuzora Kanata, Meguri Megureba Meguru Toki… I wonder how much money the companies got from this. Or maybe the studio was the one being paid?


11 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 1: err…

  1. Having that many games is surely just for comic exaggeration. A middle-schooler doesn’t have enough time to play them all, even if you count out the non-imouto routes in each game. Some of them don’t have imouto charas to begin with.

    And it will baffle me how she can maintain her model-esque beauty while staying awake up and beyond 3AM to play eroges and watch anime.

  2. There is primarily, only one way to enjoy this show in my opinion. And that is this.

    “Kirino loves her brother a lot. This is made obvious in her choice of eroge – she is stating implicitly that she wants to be treated (and loved) like an imouto-chara by her brother.”

    There is your draw.

    I feel you really have to be a certain demographic to get anything out of this show. I felt the same way too. Her existence completely makes no sense. However I do not believe that realism was the main point of this show.

    Anyway I feel like the article misses the one most appealing thing about Oreimo.

  3. It’s entirely possible that she bought it but never played it.

    At least there was Iromizu (Mizuiro) and Final Approach. Oh yeah. I was happy about that. 😀

    I was more amused by the fact that she had Chu x Chu Idol 2, which hasn’t been released yet.

    Try not to think of it too hard. Granted, the concept when you relate to yourself … yeah … I see what you mean. Let’s discuss this further.

    And I thought Light Novels generally contained elements of something that’s correlated with real life. (The anime doesn’t cover Kyousuke’s first person narrative, but it had wordings like his sister not interacting with him … which is far more real life correlated than say, the standard moe imouto in terms of communication allocation and behavior. Of course, exaggerated.)

    I don’t remember if I read wrong, but something like the Suzumiya Haruhi light novels was the author’s high school adventures, totally exaggerated. But that was over 3 years ago, so I have no idea if that was true or not (but the location settings were based on real locations I believe.)

    Likewise, while abilities are totally exaggerated, there’s a lot of normalcy behavior (in the case of Kyousuke). I guess it’s a bit shivering if you think about it.

    And Kirino’s over-the-top presentation was to correlate that she’s admitting she has a problem but she also can’t help it. (This is different than the example you set, which is ah this is a hobby and I like it for this reason, try it out, it’s interesting.) Point being that I don’t think her presentation was meant to get him into trying it out.

    You can tell those real games weren’t pointed out in the Light novel because *over half the games (or not) did not exist pre-August 2008 when the light novel came out*. It’s an anime exaggeration. (Credits list was funny because it listed every company that was included.)

    Conceptually it is amusing, but yes, you do have a valid point. (Upon looking at the light novel and the manga, the basic premise was more or less the same, and nothing critical appeared omitted.)

    I guess I should be creeped out that I recognized majority of those titles.

  4. Lol I knew if someone goes to identify that stack of eroges it would be you! xD

    “There’s no way in hell you can play that many eroge while working, keeping up with school work in Asia, making sure that you parents don’t realize it, and still have friends like that.”
    Omg I was wondering the same thing, consider each one of those games takes 20-40hrs of gaming >.< Of course, she could be only playing the 'imouto' path of the mainline VNs.

    On the other hand, I was worried so I checked out the lightnov synopsis and… no it won't turn into some variant of Nogizaka Haruka, even if Kirino is too darn perfect to be realistic, many of the things she's going to be going through will be very real.

  5. I got a real kick out of this show, probably one of the three shows I am looking most forward to this season.

    Hilariously, it just show how perfect she is if she can do all that and still have the time to play eroges, purely brilliant.

    I’m sure from a male standpoint, 99.99% of the otaku male would actually love to be in Kyousuke’s shoes or literally just swap places with him.

  6. I didn’t consider the feasibility of her playing all the games, though maybe if she played the imouto-routes only, idk. It doesn’t seem possible at her age, of course, and the only other character I can think of who could maybe pull something like this off would be Lucky Star’s Konata.

    Maybe Kirino isn’t very good at school, or is very smart and can spare some extra time… no idea, I don’t really need to know how she’s supposedly managed to accomplish this.

    Will continue despite the loose details. ^^

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