Is this Yogusa no Sora?

Seriously, I barely recognized this………

The VN wasn’t so fanservicy, Haru wasn’t such a pimp, not to mention the maid scene at the end… and the over active imaginations of… certain characters…

I’m a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish the VN before the anime came out, but this is definitely interesting. It could be pretty good or very, VERY bad. Both would deserve a watch, it seems.


6 thoughts on “Is this Yogusa no Sora?

  1. Wasn’t some of the kissing scenes imagined by Sora? I sort of skimmed over it because the art style doesn’t sit well with me.

  2. The art style was bearable. From what I read, there was no such kissing in the backhistory. The girls weren’t so (as one put it, horny) or as you stated, Haru wasn’t such a pimp (I read rockstar was applied too, which works.)

    But I didn’t sense ANY of this in my playthrough, even if it was a small bit, the returning interactions were different. The hormones didn’t rage to that degree (though the basic premise was about the same and technically the personalities were intact.)

    The interesting thing is that this anime could be using a different formula, one with a far higher sexual undertone than usual, which can break certain thresholds. Because of the premise, the formula is intriguing. At the same time I have no idea where it’s heading to.

    And the male side character didn’t appear? But in the ending credits he’s there?

    It’s deemed watchable. The ambiance is much different, it’s not suffering from saturation trends. I wouldn’t quite say it’s more adult-like but is certainly running different than what you’d normally see I gather.

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