Canvas 2 English patch~

Clap clap clap~ I’ve been interested in this game since my “OMG Naru Nanao is the most awesomest artist EVAH” days, but I never thought that an actual patch was coming out. Mainly because I saw a translation project where the translator was planning to translate as he played while having no tools (which is very painstaking and discouraging). Apparently, there was even a C&D involved, which makes it seem even more miraculous.

Interestingly enough, a Chinese patch for Canvas3 just came out 2 days ago, making me wonder if the groups were connected telepathically somehow. The recent flood of Chinese translations is really over the top though.  Akatsuki no Goei, Canvas 3, Yotsunoha, Umineko ep7, Sono hanabira 8, and Giniro have all gotten patches in the span of one week. There wasn’t even 6 games released in the entirety of September! I wonder if this is because a lot of work was done over summer break and the projects has only wrapped up recently, or the translation community has reached critical point…


6 thoughts on “Canvas 2 English patch~

  1. Considering I saw this since like, 2007, wow. I mean, I even dueled him in EFZ in that timeframe.

    And no I don’t think there was any telepathy involved. It just happened to coincide.

    With that said, I love the month of October.

    Speaking of October I think the guy started in October three years ago.

  2. Yes, I did indeed start this 3 years ago. If you take a look at the projects that were either running back then or had releases in 2007, they’re limited to ONE and Kagetsu Tohya along with a few doujin games. Sad times for translations. I suppose I managed to finish Canvas 2 by running off of passion (Which is ironic, considering one of the primary themes in Canvas 2 is on passion). I did it for myself, and for the fans.

    Truth be told, I’m not even a big fan of the Canvas series if that’s what it may have seemed, but rather just a fan of eroge in general.

    And no, I have nothing to do with the Chinese translation scene. Just a coincidence, like Amoirsp said. Which by the way, I remember playing in EFZ. Could have also been in the same channel where everybody refused to play me in SWR on release day.

    Anyway, good luck to all the other translators with their current projects.

    • Well it wasn’t that sad for me since I went rampant on Clannad but burned out.

      Lame on rejection of SWR on release day. Let’s duel in efz again, you and your mvc2 skills. But yes activity was yay. XD

      I’m laughing because in 2007 I’m like hey I dueled a clannad translator in efz. Hey I dueled Edger (canvas2 translator) in efz. That was on ndt channels though, I never went on touhou ones except iamp exactly once or twice.

      You know, considering efz was good at that time, having Clannad and ONE around was more than enough, really. (Or was it the other way around.)

      • Of course, Clannad is up there when it comes to nakige. It’s also funny you should mention, but I think the last time I played EFZ was with you. SWR and Iamp didn’t really last long for me either. I liked to play all of those against people I knew instead of just random people on forums / IRC, and most of them got sick of playing me. I think I won one of those MBAC tournaments one time too.

        I don’t think I was on a Touho channel at the time. I’m pretty sure it was an NDT one. Well, it doesn’t really matter much now.

        And yeah, EFZ was pretty awesome back then. I was pretty excited when they actually got netplay stable and working. The only fighting game I play now on and off is BBCT (Since it came out for PC a few months ago).

      • Wow I really should have played you more. Unlike other 2007 opponents (or maybe we had low fps too), most connections were 30 – 40 fps so I didn’t duel extensively.

        It was an NDT one for sure. Oh well to this day I still play efz when I got more serious in 2008 – 2009. Unfortunately it’s mostly dead but I will linger.

  3. It sucks that I never bothered to learn to read chinese and can only speak it. I’m a disgrace to the Chinese lol…. Anyways, what is really annoying is that if I could read chinese, I could be read Akatsuki no Goei, Umineko 7 etc.

    For some reason, the Chicoms/Tawainese can translate at a prodigal pace.

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