Yosuga no Sora review

Well, I couldn’t finish this before the anime started, but before the second episode isn’t bad.

Premise that most people know about already:

Haru and Sora are twins. Their parents died. They went to live in their dead grandparent’s old house, and stuff happens in that small town.


Haruka is a pretty generic eroge lead: not the smartest, but practical, extremely kind and unconsciously gives off bishi sparkles. Of course, he has that ridiculous ability to attract girls which is, well, ridiculous.

Sora is the tsun (and sometimes yan) dere twin sister of Sora. She’s a hikikomori who is loves internet, snacks, and sora. She rarely speaks, and her smile is even rarer, even before their parent’s death. She’s book smart, but otherwise relies completely on Haruka.

Nao is the helpful osananajimi who’s apparently smart, beautiful, a good athlete, and a good cook. Of course, nobody’s perfect. She has a nasty little secret and Sora openly detests her.

Akira is the genki girl and a bit of a klutz, but she’s perceptive where it is needed. She has a very close relationship with Kazuha, and often sprouts lines which seem to be innocent with some not-so-innocent connotations.

Kazuha is the ojou (she’s rich, plays the violin, and has a hime cut too). She’s normally well mannered and studious, unless Akita says something which she shouldn’t say, then she gets very flustered. Also, when Ryouhei says something he shouldn’t say, she turns tsun and kicks him in the face (which is awesome).

Motoka is a maid who desperately wants a boyfriend but has no luck with men. She’s also drunk half the time. You can probably tell, but I didn’t like her much.

Sub characters:

Kozue is the iinchou who fell in love with Haru at first glance but plays a very minor role in most of the paths.

Yahiro is Akira’s guardian who’s very…irresponsible. She really reminds me of Haruko Kamio (Misuzu’s mom in Air) in terms of looks and personality.

Ryouhei is the standard stupid best friend who’s serious and helpful when needed. Surprisingly, he’s central to the plot in one of the paths.


The paths kind of go like this: meet>some information>summer festival>trip to the beach>some plot>2-3 h-scenes>more plot and climax>1 more h-scene>end. There’s always something interesting in the climax, and there are a few good uses of foreshadowing (for instance, how Ryouhei was held back a grade and how Haruka can’t swim). The story didn’t drag on forever, which is nice. However, the way that the plot moves on is very awkward. There’s a lot of “Hey, I think I might like you, so let’s have sex?” “Sure.” going on, which is never good. Also, some of the reasons for the drama feels a bit forced, and Nao’s problems seem especially odd. The overall atmosphere is good (note: good, not excellent or fantastic), and the endings aren’t fantastic, but d I like it.


NICE.Too bad it’s a promotional piece and not actual game CG…

There are 2 artists who worked on this title,  and Suzuhira Hiro (Motoka and Kazuha) and  Hashimoto Takashi (everyone else). While their styles are quite different, the CG team did a pretty good job of making the 2 art styles mesh with the backgrounds and each other.There are only 2 basic poses per character, but there are a lot of arm and outfit variations. Some of the poses feel a bit off though, especially compared to the event CGs.

I’ll never get over how wrong this looks…

For some reason, Suzuhira kind of left the company, and most of the promotional art was drawn by Hashimoto instead. I have to say that it’s an odd feeling seeing Motoka drawn by someone else though, especially at 1:20 of the video below.


I personally prefer the anime tracks, but the game music is definitely nice. It leans a bit to the acoustic side, which is, of course, always awesome. I don’t like the vocal songs though. On the other hand, I have no complaints about the voice acting.


A lot of teal and only 60 save slots. You can also see the paper dolls in the CG gallery. Other than that, it’s pretty generic. There aren’t a lot of special effects, and the backgrounds aren’t good enough for the panning effects to be all that impressive (as was the case for Asuseka or Eden*).


Art: 9×3=27/30

Music: 8/10

Programming: 7/10

Total: 82/100 B+

In conclusion? Short, simple, and not bad at all.


13 thoughts on “Yosuga no Sora review

  1. Nice review. It’s almost as if the short and simple behaviour is consistent with how you reviewed it.

    What other visual novels are in your prospective outlook in the Fall?

    Congratulations on finishing it before the second episode.

  2. Your review makes me want to stick with the anime, but knowing how most VNs adaptations turns out, I don’t know anymore.

  3. meh, didn’t mean to reply to Maggie directly. But I’m impressed how he woo over all the heroines in the first episode just by appearing. Yep, definitely 2D there, lol.

    On a side note, is something like incest even able to be broadcasted on Japanese TV? I’m surprised.

  4. i cant find the game anywhere can some 1 post a link or somethin??? i tried a torrent but i ended up getting alot of spyware stuff =(

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  6. This anime is in my opinion very good. However I am not into some of the things it has to off. If you are into: incest, hentai, harems, romances, and psychological drama then this is the anime for you.

  7. I just finished this, its a pretty good anime but what the heck is up with the incest. I mean the sister isn’t that bad but I would prefer an average looking rich girl that isn’t part of my family.

  8. In the First 6 episode in the first 4 episode Haruka love Kazuha and then in the 6 episode Haruka love Akira. Why Haruka love two girls?

    • Every arc is an alternate reality with a different series of events. Did you notice how the episode jumped back in time by several weeks? These things aren’t happening at the same time.

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