Hoshizora no Memoria 2nd impressions+ FH

First, just let me say that I have a strong dislike for people that insist on putting panty shots in everything.

Anyway, I’ve went through Chinami and Asuho’s paths in Hoshizora no memoria, and it wasn’t bad.

Chinami’s conflict is resolved quite early. This feels very jarring considering the length of the common path. I got the distinct feeling that they wrote a path and then went “Wait, this is a eroge, we should just throw in some shallow romance and ero scenes after the plot!” There was absolutely no point in having a romance there. They should have either got rid of it entirely or actually put in some effort in developing the characters. However, the story itself, revolving around Chinami’s past and the concept of family, was absorbing and touching.

Asuho’s path basically revolved around some pretty silly misunderstandings which were resolved in a somewhat…odd way. Throughout the story, I was a bit creeped out by how the story is mirroring real life, so that kind of overshadowed the everything else. I’d say that overall, the drama was decent, but not fantastic.

A year and a half ago, I received a comment asking me to review Flyable heart. However, there were two obstacles involved: first, it wasn’t translated into English or Chinese, and second, it wasn’t even released yet. Whether it be luckily or unluckily, a Chinese patch was released today, so I played a bit of it. I had went through Nanatsuiro drops before, and was expecting the same gushy sweet diabetics-inducting atmosphere. While there was plenty of pink all around, the beginning of the story was definitely more focused on comedy. And I thought it was hilarious. Maxx (the robot above) is made of win. Another thing that I noticed was the nice production values and the plethora of effects. It was especially nice since I haven’t had a game like this for a few months. Anyway, I have absolutely no expectation for the plot, but I get the feeling that I’m going to enjoy this.

3 thoughts on “Hoshizora no Memoria 2nd impressions+ FH

  1. Ugh, pants are supposed to be incorporated, not purposely shown.

    Good to know the routes weren’t bad. Though it seems it could have been done better.

    What’s up with this recent timing of … things? October is a nice month indeed. Have fun with FH.

    • If you’re talking about how I’m posting around 5 times less than I used to, it’s because rl is getting in the way. University applications (and all the crap that comes with it) + heavy course load + social obligations + boyfriend + trying to finish Sepia Tears really eats up time. Sigh… I want to stay a teen forever…

      If you’re talking about how the translations are just pouring out, I think it’s because people are wrapping up the work that they did over the summer.

      • I meant the timely releases. It was clear school came into play. XD Since I work full time I didn’t quite think about school schedules.

        You’re still a teen technically <_<

        Yeah, you mentioned the wrapping up on a previous post, but I believe that was September. So I was surprised more were still wrapping up. It's like whoah, a new post with a just release.

        Although the load's big at least Fall time has those big breaks. But for that same reason that also makes the load bigger for the actual days.

        Good luck, balance out well.

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