Double art post: Wasabi and Rella

It has been much too long since my last artist post, so here are 2 little bites.

Tatami no hinoko, or Wasabi, impressed me with the above image, which I saw in a MAD. It took hours, but I eventually found the source, and for that, I’m eternally grateful for the tags at danbooru.

A lot of the stuff the artist draws is either really unfinished or NSFW, so I can’t show much here. But for some reason, I am just in love with the coloring style. It’s not something that’s incredibly rare or original, in fact, I’d say that it’s generic. But something about it is strangely appealing.

The second artist for this post is Rella (told you it’s short~). I’ve mentioned Rella before, but had wanted something more in-depth (although this isn’t in-depth at all).

What I like about Rella is the fact that she has 2 styles. The first, as you can see above, is a very intricate black-and-white style.

The second is a colored style where the lines are much more casual. I personally prefer her black-and-white style, but her coloring has been much more interesting as of late.

I particularly like this piece.

Anyway, Rella’s pixiv profile says that she’s a 15 year old Chinese girl.

I refuse to believe that.

Look at that. Would you believe that a 15 year old girl drew that? It’s like that other girl all over again. Sigh… it’s just wave after wave of images that makes me feel like 15-16 year olds are in their own dimension or something. Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.

So, I hope that people enjoyed this really short artist post. I actually feel like there are just too many artists that I think are good. Do you think that it might be a good idea for me to just do a lot of posts with just the artist site and some images?


14 thoughts on “Double art post: Wasabi and Rella

  1. Quick question, do you ever keep track on these artists long enough such that at a later date they’re like, professional or something and you totally saw it coming?

    In regards to your question, my vote would be on exemplifying a variety unless there was further critiquing. I mean it’s easy to look at various likes of yours, as you are quick to mention what you like about it.

    On another note it’s too bad majority are NSFW or unfinished. But when I read “unfinished” it reminded me of those brush artist + program examples you showed where the final product actually didn’t look as crisp as say, the lineart (specifically the Saigusa one you referenced several posts ago.)

    Seeing NSFW is a bit obvious, but for unfinished, if it’s “lineart unfinished” I’d be like wait there’s nothing wrong with that. In a way, if it’s posted on pixiv, isn’t it finished in a way? I can’t imagine “incomplete picture”.

    On a joking note, didn’t you also have awesome drawing styles a few years back Choux? :p

    • Well, there have been instances where I’ve followed an artist online and then later saw their work in print, but there has never been a moment like you described.

      No, I don’t mean unfinished in that way. I mean, that’s what I usually mean, but it doesn’t apply to this case. Instead, we have something like this.

      …a few years back…I’m not that old…am I? I don’t know anymore…sob….

      • I guess a couple is more accurate. As you can tell I will not directly state numbers. Time has been flying by really fast so uh … yeah. It was more on a joke of “man I love art and all but wow here comes some younger ones with blistering amazing drawings” but then I’m like oh wait yes Choux isn’t that old per se.

        I guess the pixiv example isn’t good because *right now* they’re rocking art on pixiv, so if it were to happen, it’s not at the moment. I think I was looking at a VN or something with art emphasis (maybe a light novel) and then found the artist name, then it’s like oh this artist had a pixiv account back in the day. I can’t remember the exact example. (Maybe I was thinking of the Ruchie and Noto Gao thing but I don’t know who is who or what spawned when first.)

        … what I just stated is probably easier to find on doujin works and then seeing published works later.

        I see why you didn’t want to post unfinished.

        Do the artist mention what tools they use? I always say gradients and such but it’s probably something else. It’s not watercolor either. (You mentioned “2 styles”. Is there a way to elaborate on the description of it … unless you were referring to black and white vs color). Basically, is there a way to describe this certain appealing but possibly generic coloring?

        Looking forward to more artist findings.

      • In this case, neither of them mentioned what they use. But I don’t think either of them use gradients (it’s annoying and kind of useless in many ways). The 2 styles was just the white verses the colored. As for Rella’s first colored image, that was definitely a textured brush through a program on the computer. You can tell by the perfectly round strokes. I have no idea if there’s a name for this either. It’s so hard to distinguish this from other CG methods. I mean, you can see it, but it’s hard to describe, isn’t it?

        And thanks for always reading~

  2. Hm come to think of it there’s almost no reason for them to disclose what they use. Certainly it’s difficult to distinguish but there are styles that have similar patterns. I have to realize that some drawings use computer programs to generate certain strokes.

    Nice to know that even with a busy schedule you can still update periodically on recent matters.

  3. although the color style is very appealing, i kinda want to learn that black and white style. it seems simpler at the moment to learn, with block shading and stuff.

  4. Is this ~/2010/11/14056635.jpg, Panty? Oh wow she look awesome in that drawing.
    Rella is 15 year old Chinese girl, lol. I also didn’t believe when most of “her” drawing about girls.

  5. I’m pretty sure she was 15 at the time… Her drawing ‘panty’ is basically a character from the anime ‘panty and stocking’ so it had good reason >.>

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