Is this death?

Against my better judgment, I have just finished the Ef fandisc, Tenshi no Nichiyoubi. I say against my better judgment because I should really be finishing my project right now. Sigh… Anyway, aside from some pretty pictures and cute comedy, it wasn’t all that special. I might review it later. Minori’s new game seems to be taking a turn for the less dramatic though. The op was so cutesy, I was reminded of Tenshin Ranman.

…the first post in around two weeks and it’s less than 100 words. The blogger in me must be dying…


12 thoughts on “Is this death?

    • Definitely. The blond girl also reminds me of that witch in Gift. I’m not completely sure about who the orange haired girl reminds me off, but they all look familiar.

      • Nope, nothing at all. Naru Nanao, the character designer of Ef, did a piece of guest art for Angel beats. That’s about as close as the two works ever came to.

  1. Well maybe you have this writer block thing, don’t worry you’ll be able to blog again soon, especially if you watch SHINRYAKU SHINRYAKU SHINRYAKU SHINRYAKU SHINRYAKU SHINRYAKU IKA MUSUME ~~ kyuun.

  2. Good point on the character designs. It’s unlikely each spawned from those sources, but who knows. However, from what I recall of ef, the op had a tune that was quite adventurous (not the right word but you get what I’m getting at hopefully), so I was surprised to hear that the op for this game was a cutesy type similar to tenshin ranman. I don’t see the cutesy type of op in the tenshin ranman format too often due to it requiring animation.

  3. Speaking of Tenshi Ranma, based on the progress shown on Sumisora, I can imagine we would probably see a translation patch finished soon before the end of this year….

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