Kusarihime -euthanasia-

After Kusarihime -euthanasia- was created, its writer, Hoshizora Meteor, wanted to create a fanbook. In doing so, some other writers were dragged into the project. They were Urobuchi Gen, Romeo, and Kinoko Nasu. All three writers were inspired by this story.Taking the concept of two people whose love can only be confirmed through each other and insanity, Urobuchi went and made Saya no Uta. Taking the concept of time loops, insanity, twisted personal relationships, and not giving the readers answers, Romeo went and made Cross Channel. Taking the concept of love, family bonds, and insanity, Konoko Nasu went and madethe Heaven’s feel path in Fate/stay night. There are many parallels between this and Higurashi too, such as the time loops and how the seemingly traditional mythological power turns out to be related to science fiction instead.

Look at that, doesn’t that just scream higurashi?

Looking at this web of connections, you can probably imagine how confused my mind is. The characters are rich, the atmosphere is fantastic (despite looking like a horror game, they don’t really use blood, because they don’t need it). HOWEVER, holy pancakes from the sky my brain hurts just thinking about how this convoluted time loop came into existence. In fact, is this a time loop, or dimensional loop? For some reason, just like Remember 11, this is a game that hurts my brain more when I try to read other people’s explanations. However, like Cross Channel and Sekien no Inganock, I’ve given up on making it make sense and is now just enjoying what I can understand.The stuff that are explained ties in very nicely though. Kiriko’s actions, in particular, made much more sense when the nature of Juri’s death is finally revealed.

As for the technical bits: the art is inconsistent, but pretty nice in an old and weird kind of way (although pretty much every single event CG is crap). There’s a lot of art too, and there is a nice little system in which character art is incorporated into the background. The system itself is nothing special, but they tried hard.The title screen changes each time, and the time loop is incorporated nicely into the system.

The recollections are actually on these TV screens, which you have to admit looks really cool. Again, this makes me think of Higurashi.

Also, the music is AWESOME. The voice acting is also fantastic, but it’s only voiced like half the time. Why do you keep doing this to me, Liar soft? WHY?

In the end though, it really is a great VN. I’d recommend it to most people.

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