…I knew this was coming, but…

I didn’t think I’d dislike the art of DC III so much. Tanihara Natsuki’s art has gotten less and less appealing to me since DC II (in my mind, this is the epitome), and this is especially bad because it breaks one of my rules: NEVER put a jeweled broach, especially with contrasting colors, on ANYONE. The new uniform itself isn’t bad though, and it’ll be great if the story can be better than DC II. I wonder how far into the future this one is set in…


6 thoughts on “…I knew this was coming, but…

  1. I wasn’t aware of the jeweled broach thing, though the contrasting color doesn’t come as a surprise.

    Well this image looks like a Nemu/Yume hybrid thing, or a Nemu look-alike. But yes, I too thought it was of a lower appeal than Yume’s character design in 2005. I wonder if part of it has to do with the smiley-ness. I felt 2010 official art by him is extremely smiley (at least it’s very consistent with other works in the same year, but certainly looks different than 2005).

    (The jeweled broach may be a peeve for you, but I gather even without that there, you would have still thought it was under par.)

    Perhaps the background is misleading?

    • You’re right about the uniform. The original one was a classic, I see absolutely no reason to change it to a blazer. I really like the background on that though, despite the horrible quality. DC has always had nice cherry blossoms. I especially like some of the water colors from the original DC.

      • Got an example of water colors from the original DC? *It’s been too long.* When I’m recalling I imagine anything but water color.

        I was thinking well, you didn’t say anything about the background, and I brought it up because of the Suika comment lol. I’m thinking well there are blots but I think this is a watercolor preference.

        I was thinking the Jeweled Broach was character specific, but we all know the original uniform also had *colored bows* which was intended to denote which year the student is in [red/green/yellow for 7th/8th/9th grade] (at least for the junior high.) I mean there are red strings, but if these are the *color bow indicators* it also means *almost every girl would have a broach*.

        Well, it’s just one image. It’d be interesting to see what else complements it. As you stated, the story may be strong (more than just balanced).

  2. Here. It’s SO much better than Suika.

    sigh… I honestly sincerely do not understand people’s infatuation with those round blobby eyesores. Really, broaches hasn’t been done right since Sailor moon ended. Oh the other hand, I wonder what the high school uniform is. I hope they have good artists for the rest of the heroines.

  3. For some reason, I didn’t think of D.C.P.C and the entrance being watercolor. The point is made. Thank you.

    I wonder what the high school uniform is too. Maybe they’ll switch it up and have just one segment (junior high or high school, not both), but for consistency, I’ll assume 8, 9, 10 for now (and 7th depending on fandisks).

    You would think broaches would have been done right … this century at least once in this medium.

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