Kirakira -completed-

Some times, there is a game which is well rated, but I just can’t get into it. That was the case for Symphonic rain, that was the case for Family project, and that is the case for Kira kira.

Both the art and the programming are very simplistic. You get the feeling that the people who worked on them aren’t that skilled or talented, but they tried really hard. The music was pretty fantastic. The voice acting was decent. The story was entertaining enough at the beginning, but I found myself to be less and less interested as the plot progressed and more social problems were introduced. At the end of it, I couldn’t really connect with any of the characters. Some of the stuff was pretty funny though. It might seem weird, but I really cracked up when Shikanosuke said ‘”I believe only chosen men are able to unhook the bra with one hand.”‘

Overall, a decent VN with a reasonable playing time. Recommended if you like music and a more realistic look at society.


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