This beautiful world

There are three kinds of art that appeals to me. First, there is those which are technically skilled, where the artists proudly flaunt their abilities. Then, there are those with humans, where the artist bewitches the image to make the viewers charmed. Lastly, there are images with an atmosphere which draws one in and does not let go. 幻电放映 is an artist who has the ability to create a fantastic atmosphere.

I see one of these pieces. I sigh. And I love it, because images like this tells me that the world is still beautiful.


6 thoughts on “This beautiful world

      • I wouldn’t mind that.

        I totally forgot to say the art looks nice, but there shouldn’t be local oddity if I said so.

        My question is, have there been cases where you have seen a *mix* of the 3 art categories you particularly like? It’s probably semi-impossible to have it on the best quality, but certainly mixes likely exist.

        I know these are pixiv things, but I wonder how you encounter gems. 😛

  1. I dunno… the assortment of little things here and there in the first picture kinda makes it feel rather bizarre more than atmospheric.

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