The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, not interrupted anymore

Oh, Kyon, I have missed your half way monotone narration. One thing has always bugged me about anime. For some reason, if a character is sleeping, they always have ridiculously thin sheets which cannot possibly protect them from natural temperatures. The good thing is, Kyon’s blanket actually has some mass. The bad thing is, his feet aren’t covered. Isn’t feet incredibly important when it comes to temperatures? I actually think that feet temperature control is more important than arm temperature control.

Yes, this is going to be one long, and very random post.

I was about to say BEST BLANKET MANEUVER EVER, but then I accidentally clicked some random key on my keyboard which changed my screen orientation from landscape to portrait. In other words, I am now reading sideways, and I don’t know how to change it back. Is this what Kyon felt when he got closer to Haruhi, that his worldview wront from landscape to portrait? What kind of person installed this function anyway? I can’t imagine any situation where a person would feel like shifting their laptop and reading from it like a book. This is very, very strange.

No, seriously, someone please help me. I don’t know how to turn my computer back to the way it was. Reading sideways is very painful. Please, someone help! I’m begging you! This computer didn’t come with a manual! Hurrah! Problem solved.

I just noticed that I repeated everything before this twice by accident… it’s deleted now but I’m surprised that no one mentioned it in a comment or something… orz

Every single minor character is animated beautifully. I love movie budgets. This is especially awesome after reading many, many visual novels, where the background characters NEVER MOVE.

Oddly though, the guys can bundle up with layers and layers of clothing, but the girls are ok with just their uniform and a sweater. In real life, isn’t it the normal girls who bundle up and put on faces of shock for guys who run around in t-shirts in 0 degree weather?

See? THAT’s how it should be. I also love the subtle way the backgrounds are painted. They don’t need to be sparkly bright like Clannad or Macross to be eyecatching.

It’s too bad that the conspicuous CG gets in the way of the background porn. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember any instance where the car in the background was actually hand drawn. Is this what they call the generation gap?

Ah, denial of Christmas, the taboo event for the lonely and the single… wait, I’m not going to talk about that, it’s too depressing.

Oh, the irony, the pure, unadulterated irony! It is not Haruhi who is scheming, my dear Kyon, it is not Haruhi…

Ah, Yuki, my beloved Yuki, it is a great pleasure to see you read once again. I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t paint the book cover though.

Ah, it is nice to see Haruhi burst into a room again. Considering that the last time I saw this was endless eight, this winder clothing is a VERY refreshing change of pace.

Love the little background shots. They add so much to the atmosphere.

Sigh…what awkward CGs t-wait, is that Bouken desho desho beginning to play? YESSSSSSSSSSS!

It’s no Hare hare Yukai, but the little Haruhi figure at the bottom is definitely amusing to watch. Her air guitar is especially awesome.

Wait wait wait, a silhouette flying with confetti in bright colors? Did Shaft get involved with this movie?

I love how Haruhi nudges Kyon away from the heater.

I love how Haruhi enjoys the heather with the rest of the girls.

And I especially love how Kyon is desperate enough to use the computer as his heater instead. I don’t usually have a problem with being cold, so I have never done this, but has any of you done this?

Of course, cue Itsuki coming in to the room. Here, Kyon, a heat source that you can molest without problems! …did I just type that? No, no I didn’t.

And why is the picture so tiny anyway? It can be bigger and still show the little dancing Haruhi.

Some times, life throws us questions we simply cannot answer. For instance, why is there a greaky mast behind Haruhi’s face? Why are there flowers hanging upside down? Why is there a nabe pot when open fires are prohibited in the building?

I am flabbergasted.

I shared this moment with another girl who has absolutely no chance of this event occurring this Christmas. We groaned in unison.

See? They even bothered to add letters to the book. Why not a pretty cover to go along with it?

Why hello there, Mikuru’s “please, I’m begging you, don’t rape me!” face.

Interestingly enough, Kyon stops blushing and paying attention to Mikuru’s screams of terror the moment Itsuki starts speaking, this shows the amount of care that he has for- wait, I’m not going there. I must promise myself to not go there again…

I have a confession to make. I secretly have a fetish for scenes shown through reflections. Glass, mirrors, water, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s reflected or refracted, I love to- wait wait wait, I shouldn’t be typing that. Yes, I won’t.

Ah, accidental pervert moment. Haruhi will begin to physically abuse Kyon in 3, 2, 1…

Bing bing bing bing~

but why 2005600 years?

It’s a pleasure to meet you again, emo facial distortion.

It’s not a pleasure to meet you again, the harsh realities of life.

…that reminds me… I must begin preparations to curse everyone who has a red heart marked on their calendar for Christmas eve…

I know that schools encourage “pure” lives in Asia, but not so actively in North America. I am interested in how it works in countries on other continents. The sad thing is that they’re like antibiotics, aren’t they?

…huh…a drunk Haruhi… That could either be extremely terrifying or really adorable

No epic blanket roll? I am disappointed.

I realized why I’m so impressed by the animation now: Bakemonogatari was completely devoid of moving things in its backgrounds, and I don’t exactly live in a heavily populated area by large Asian city standards.

…Since I read the novels, I have now the sudden urge to skip forward a bit…

Ah, Ryoko, the resident yangire! I am SO glad I didn’t skip. Yangires always make things more interesting. Just think, what would have happened to Yuki if Ryoko was never there? That would have been an epic missed moment of awesome.


There it is, the crazy face I’ve been trying to avoid… Sigh… I really dislike it when normally calm characters start going nuts while the rest of the people around him/her thinks he/she’s nuts. The scene where he meets Mikuru and Tsuruya is especially bad…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Kyon does not call Haruhi because her number is no longer in his cellphone. I whole heartedly understand that feeling. It’s sad, but due to the wonders of technology, I can no longer remember any number by heart other than that of my family members. I do not blame Kyon at all for not remembering Haruhi’s number.

Ah, there she is, the end to the despair, YUKI! I love how the lighting immediately changes as we gaze upon her glorious cuteness.

On top of that, she’s practical. See that blanket she has? I wish I had that a few hours ago while I was losing the feeling in my limbs from the snow.

Also, glasses, really, really, really suit her… Guh, I think I might be developing a glasses fetish…

…yes, I know I’m just pointlessly spamming images, but she’s adorable!

I take back what I said about reflective surfaces, abusing a helpless Yuki is not nice.

See? There are details on THIS book!

Wait a minute, now that I think about it, the black book at the beginning wasn’t specifically written in Japanese. Could it have been the code that she created which she was reviewing. It would have been fantastic if it was.

…This is windows 95, and it is very, VERY sad…

A serious looking Yuki is awesome too…

Same with a pitter pattering-Yuki…

And this…THIS is the moment where countless fanboys were overcome with moe overdose and died.

…hmm…there are certainly many scenes shown through reflective surfaces… I wonder if some animator at Kyoani has the same fetish as me.

The moment he meowed, my cat meowed and jumped on to my lap.


…Reflective surface, yet again… Hmm…

Oh yes, someone at Kyoani definitely has a fetish for reflective surfaces.

Also, that is one extremely creepy bear. Why is it that the cuter something is, the creepier it is when it’s destroyed/degraded?

This, I do not understand. The interface Yuki has impeccably neat writing, I know, but why would the human Yuki say that this looks like her writing? Even for someone with fantastic writing, this is a bit too much.

But with that cute of a face, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

…guh, this post is just degrading to me rambling about reflections and how cute Yuki is, isn’t it?

..You know what? I shouldn’t force myself to do anything that I don’t feel from the bottom of my heart.


…I should stop for today…

Well, this is technically tomorrow, so who cares? Continuing on with the Yuki onslaught! Mua hahaha!

For you, Kyon? All three.

…guh, I want to check if this is new animation, but I also want to continue watching the movie. It seems like it’s new though. If it is, kudos to Kyoani for not falling into the traps of so many other movie adaptions!

… I am disappointed in you once again, Kyon. Faced with such utmost sincerity and emotion, not to mention cuteness, there is no reaction from you other than THAT face? And THEN, you don’t even give a reply of any kind! Tut tut tut, you will face the consequences for this…

Hello there, consequences~

…did she always have eyebrows that huge?

Yessssss……….stare at him……………….make him suffer…………………..

GASP! You DARE leave Yuki just because the yangire is there? Kyon, you have just fallen 2005600 levels in awesomeness.

All together now. 3, 2, 1… (head tilt) awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~

NOW you have an reaction? After everything that Yuki has shown you, NOW you show emotion? Now that I think about it, Mikuru’s emotions are very straightforward outwardly, and Kyon definitely appreciates THAT. Is there no love for subtlety anymore?

Stop making excuses. Her moe won you over, pure and simple.

The gates of hell? Sigh…why doesn’t Kyon see past the fourth wall and see how many people would love to be in his shoes already? Coincidentally, I also had hotpot yesterday, although it was Chinese style instead of nabe. Maybe that’s why I’m confused at the things on the table. Why is there rice? If they wanted carbs, there should be noodles in the broth. And why is there cola? I can think of no drink less appropriate for the occasion than Cola. Ok, maybe cola and milk mixed together is less appropriate, but still…

Was that mirror there before?  I am shocked at the extent of the director’s fetish.

…and why is Yuki not in the mirror?



Sadly, for this scene, this version is still my favorite though.

…wait, how does she know Kyon’s preferences? She SAYS that she heard it from Kunikida, but why would he tell her? In what kind of situation would such a thing pop up? My bet is that it’s embedded within her code to know Kyon, or at least stalk him enough to know such a thing. Then again, with Haruhi there, how can Kyon possibly manifest his fetish? It’s not like he can just stick in random reflective surfaces like the director.

Ah, yandere mode~ I’m liking Ryoko’s character more and more. Was she this awesome in the novels? I can’t remember anymore (has it really been four years? It feels like forever).

All while wearing oven mitts. Awesome.

…After meeting the brand new Yuki and chatting with Ryoko, he wants to dream about Haruhi? That’s yet another level lower in awesomeness levels.

We did too, but then we ended up getting endless eight. Hopes and dreams don’t translate to life well.

Does that loli wake Kyon up every morning? I wonder how many people would consider than to be a fortunate thing.

Ah, moles and ice tables, acid base neutralization… this feels oddly nostalgic…

Best. Insult. Ever.

Kyon just went up 2000 levels in awesomeness. He may now choose a class. Congratulations.

Really? Your best friend looks like he’s suffering from rabies and that’s all you’re going to say?

Once again, your level has gone up. Now, stop making your classmates think you’re on crack, then do a bit more of this and I’ll forgive you for what you did to Yuki. You’ll say that to Taneguchi but not Yuki? …Sigh…

Cue the awesome orchestral music. I’ve gotta get the soundtrack.

Ah, Haruhi! This has been one PAINFUL hour (technically, it’s an hour), without you! Now, hurry up and snap Kyon out of this out of character mood!

See? It’s working already! He’s 1000% less annoying than before!

Also, what’s wrong with that security guard? There’s a suspicious stranger at the gates and he runs off to get a doctor. If I was the director of the school I’d have him fired.

Koizumi looks awful in that uniform (yes, I admit I have a blazer fetish too). I need to take a break before I can stand more of it.

…Ok, I’m back. Also, half way point! Whoo!

Once again, I marvel at the amount of detail put into the background, along with the extent of Kyoani’s reflection fetish.

And there’s the Haruhi that we all know and love. And she also completely ignores the rational thoughts of Itsuki. Awesome. Haha, even in-story characters can’t believe how awesome she is.

Poll time~ Who here thinks that Haruhi looks better with long hair? And who thinks that it’s odd for her to be wearing the same ribbons?

That is an awesome face. You don’t see this face often in this series, other than on Kyon and very very occasionally Haruhi, so it’s interesting.

You gotta love Itsuki’s run away face. I know that he likes Haruhi in this world, but oh wow, that would be a ridiculously mismatched couple. How can she be NOT COLD in that?!?!? Impossible! The only explanation is that she still retains some god like powers and makes sure that heat convection does not occur in the area around her.

… some one, please, explain to me in detail why people think this is true. I’ve actually asked someone irl who likes ponytails, and he can’t explain it properly either.

…for some reaon, Itsuki’s face reminds me of Mio…

Haha, so nostalgic~

Nooo! Kyon, you idiot, you made Yuki cry!

I love how they animated her hesitation though, it’s really painful to watch.

Aah… I’m anticipating Ryoko’s arrival already~

I like this reference to the elevator though.

You react so weakly to Yuki but so much to Asahina? Shame on you, Kyon. Now that I think about it, I wonder what is the relation between bust size and reactions? Is there no justice for pettankos?

You know, one thing has always bugged me. If Yuki has synchronized with her future self, why did she wear glasses at the beginning of the series? Maybe that’ll be explained now.

Now that I think about it, why does Asahina fear Nagato?Is it really fear? Or just guilt over her feelings for Kyon?

See? this makes even less sense. If her glasses gets turned into the gun, then does that mean she fabricated another pair of glasses to wear? Why?

Yes, Kyon, it would be VERY bad if you stabbed the wrong place.

…Am I the only one who is reminded of Negima here?

Why are you so surprised, Asahina? She’s bitten you countless times.

…that blush is still smaller than when Asahina winked…Sigh…

Hello there, my new wallpaper.

Once again, I am shocked at how characters treat clothing. How can Asahina walk around wearing nothing but a pair of pantyhose? Why aren’t her foot frozen and bleeding? Is this a testament to the quality and softness of Japanese roads or the quality of futuristic pantyhose?

Sigh… even though I knew this was coming, how sad and lonely she looks just hits me like a 2 by 4.

I love the juxtaposition in these screens. No one makes beautiful backgrounds quite like the people at Kyoani. …guh, this tugs on my heartstrings more than the scene at the kotatsu…

I think this proves me point about the reflection fetish to the point that no one can argue with it anymore.

…Somehow, the sound of Nagato-sama just seems…right.I think we might be witnessing the birth of a new meme here.

A crazed yet calm Ryoko… YESSSSS What’s more, the soundtrack fits perfectly. Now that I think about it, many movies has orchestral tracks, but the same doesn’t apply for TV. I wonder why that is. Yes, please keep waving that knife around! It suits you perfectly!…ouch.

I mean, stabbing Kyon’s stomach, then stabbing it again through his hands… that must be awful.

…of course, Asahina is still cowering in the background. Is she ever going to do ANYTHING for the plot? Of course, she then shakes Kyon as he laid there, making him bleed out even faster…sigh…

Falling down the stairs is definitely the most common excuse in anime. At least, that’s what my gut tells me. Off of the top of my head, I can’t remember a single instance where an anime character fell down the stairs. how strange.

Also, kudos to Kyoani for drawing Kyon’s bedhead and the gorgeous lighting. They really paid attention to every detail (well, except for curtains, Yuki’s curtains look hideous). Ah, catapillar Haruhi! This must be meme #1 (the other must be meme #2, of course, since Haruhi must be #1 with anything she’s involved in). KYON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! WHY ARE YOU MOLESTING HARUHI’S LIPS?!?!?!

Interestingly enough, it’s Kyon who waves his hand and Itsuki who sighs with his hand on his face. Hmm… Maybe next timw Haruhi will wimper while Miruku cooly fights off a giant monster and Yuki cheers!

…maybe not.

Haruhi with a bed head is fine too. I’ve already said too much (over 3000 words), but I MUST comment on the background porn again. It is breathtaking. *Gasp… He called her Yuki! KYAA-

Oh, it was just snowing…I was about to say “Damn it baka Kyon, NOTICE that she’s looking at you already!” until Yuki’s movement crushed my shipping moment. Hello there, my wallpaper #2 (for some reason, I really love windows 7’s ability to show multiple wallpapers). Congratulations, Kyon, you have just risen 200000 levels in awesomeness. …guh, the shipper in me is screaming at the proposal pose, but I must silence it! …oh, who am I kidding?

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~Yes! Epic blanket roll FTW! Also, this movie ends on the 24th, which is today for many of you. Awesome.

Now, that’s a fantastic piece of writing.

NO. I can’t wait for the next installment in the Haruhi franchise. And you better not make me wait for 4 years again! This had fantastic art, music, acting, direction, and writing, and I am absolutely starved for more. There, are you satisfied?

Oh hindsight, this post took WAAAAAAAAAY too long to write, due to various interruptions, but it needed to be written. Long live Haruhi, and to everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


11 thoughts on “The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, not interrupted anymore

  1. I had fun flipping it upside down before.

    Sorry I had class and work today so I couldn’t catch and assist sooner but glad it was resolved rather quickly. 😛

    The blanket maneuver is interesting in the sense that the angles used weren’t exactly straight either.

    Well, I haven’t seen the movie yet. Though the ambiance seems correct and fitting for what content is in it.

  2. Great post, I enjoyed reading all of your amusing comments on the screencaps and such. I’ve already seen the movie four times and I still can’t get enough XD

  3. Just watched this myself! ^^ Can’t wait to see more of your ramblings about the movie and your comments towards it end. I cringed myself at Kyon’s beginning craziness (despite not having read the novels) because it seems out of character for him.

  4. Feet are very important when it comes to heat. I usually wear socks to bed in winter to make sure I stay warm.

    Though I usually end up overheating and kicking them off at some point…

    Have to admit, Yuki is epic cute.

    I will say in England its the girls who run around freezing their asses off without warm clothes and the boys who stare at them like they are stupid.

    I guess they worry if they cover up then they won’t look cute. So rather than be warm and practical, they’d rather be cold and slutty!

    • long time no see Sakura.

      And yes, I have experience Kyon’s attempt to find heat from the computer. In fact, that’s what i am doing right now.

  5. It was hard for me to watch all these Kyon getting crazy scenes for two reasons, first even if I haven’t read the novel, I still expected it to be sad as he said before it started “it was no laughing matter to me”, but it was very very sad, I started to feel pity for him with Asahina not recognizing him and getting treated like a molester, and second, yeah it was out of his character.

    Speaking of out of characterness, was Kyon always that cool? I can’t remember because it’s been years since I saw some Suzumiya Haruhi stuff, but I felt he was too cool, like if the movie script writers guys saw Archer in UBW and went “omg guys we gotta make Kyon more badass like Archer”.

    Also I’d loved to see Kyon back from the future again version’s fight with Asakura and how they managed to fight her while healing Kyon and shooting Nagato but they decided to not show it .
    A friend told me they didn’t narrated it in the novel either.

    I also tried finding heat from a computer, from a toaster too.

  6. Just watched this movie, and thank you for reiterating all my thoughts regarding Yuki. She obviously did it for Kyon because she loves him.

    You didn’t mention the most perplexing part. At the 1:39:45 (wow, this is a fucking long film) mark, after Kyon activates the computer program. We hear (or read in the subtitles) someone say “I won’t forgive you.” I assume it’s Yuki. Which means she feels rejected.

    I think I know why she said 2,005,600 years. Because that’s how far in the future Mikuru is from. Now, Haruhi doesn’t know that, but there are a lot of things she doesn’t know that she inadvertently talks about. After all, she did create the universe.

    I was once again reminded why I love this series!!!

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