Usamin is here!

After many, many years, a complete translation for G-senjou no maou is finally completed! This is really special to me, since I absolutely love the story, and the main heroine, Usami Haru. It’s also the first (and probably last) time that I’ve participated in a translation project, which was interesting and fun in its own way until the staff got changed (I’m a bit sad that they didn’t keep the line where I called Usami GAR though). I think that I’ve gushed about the good points and pointed out the bad points enough in my review, so I’ll just end this post with this: PLAY IT!!!!!!!!


13 thoughts on “Usamin is here!

  1. Omg this is ridiculously awesome; I’m surprised it news didn’t make its way to Encubed immediately but thanks a bunch~ ^o^
    Been waiting for this project ever since I feel in love with Sharin no Kuni xD

    • Yup. I stumbled across the group trying to find translators in a forum before I even played it, and I joined it because I wanted to see what it was like lol.Thankfully, it turns out that I love the game. I don’t know what would have happened otherwise.

  2. OMG, it finally came out? Been stuck since the last update of it, chapter 3? Been having a keen interest in it since i’ve read your review of it many moons ago. ❤ ❤

  3. Will it be good if I do Haru last and finish all the side heroines first? Or is it best to go for Haru’s route immediately?

    • In my mind, this game is designed for Haru and Haru only. The side stories don’t do much for the overall plot, and going through them severely disrupts the flow of the story. So, I would recommend you look at Haru immediately, and MAYBE some of the other heroines, if you find them to be REALLY interesting.

  4. Wasn’t aware you did an input but that must have been ages ago.

    This is also considering the fact that 3 years is not that tremendously long. Wait, I’m referring to the trial versions, so that’s not even 2.5 years.

    That’s actually not bad at all considering the shifts and changes and yet completion was achieved. Well, the drive for it was pretty big.

    • I think it started last summer, actually. Ah, it really does feel like it was ages ago… I mean, if you actually count 2.5 years, it doesn’t seem like much but if you’re remembering 2.5 years then it seems like a lot, doesn’t it?

      • Last summer … you mean summer 2009? I’m certainly it wasn’t summer 2010 in the overall spectrum.

        Still, that makes it impressive, but again, the drive to do it was definitely there.

        I just realized my mis-wording. I meant to say considering the base game was originally released 2008, to have a full translation by the end of 2010 is quite a feat, even with what has occurred.

        This is like the best time to read it (now), but also the worst time to (occupation).

        I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get around to reading it until like months later. In this case, I should see if I can start reading now.

  5. SWEET! I told myself I wasn’t going to play it until the translation finished, so when I come back from China and see this…best Xmas present ever.

    …Well maybe not ever, but close enough. Great job and thanks for your work! Now if only I can find the motivation to work on Kizuato…

  6. Lol. Well I finished reading the entire Haru route already a while already. Tbh, I profiled the Maou character and I was 95% certain on who he was. In the end I wasn’t wrong, lol.

    It also bugs me a little on how fast I read, because while it takes like forever to translate, I can finish it in a day or two (Last harry potter book finished in around 10-12 hours.) in English. W00t.

    I also thought the other side characters weren’t really bad but Haru route is just simply *complete* with resolutions and mysteries solved, although I haven’t gone through their routes. Hmm… I’m pretty weak to genki types, so I’ll try reading the sister route later.


    In all seriousness, I love Haru’s route. So much that it felt unnatural to the other routes afterwards (Its like cheating on MAI WAIFU loljk)

    But also, I really want to play Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo

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