Addicted to K-on

There’s no plot to speak of. I don’t really laugh while watching. The BGM isn’t that great, despite the characters focusing on the music so much. I don’t really think that I can say that I LIKE it. But for some reason, I just can’t seem to pull myself away from this show. Seriously. Every time I set out to do something, I find my mouse gently hovering towards the K-on!! folder. Why? I don’t get it. Is it because I’m just a sucker for kyoani? Is it because of the background porn, cute spefcial effects and just overall great production values? Is it because I just don’t care about plot anymore? Is it because I’m secretly in love with Tsumugi? I really don’t get it.

16 thoughts on “Addicted to K-on

  1. I find that series like this are nice breaks from the norm of anime. they’re quite, simple and cute. they don’t really try to do anything profound they’re just there. a little slice of life.

    • Mmmm… I’m not a big Mio fan. Girls who cower in general don’t really click with me. I have to admit that she looks awesome though. Especially in the swimsuit, and the kimono, and the sweaters with big necks that the costumer designer keeps making her wear, and anytime that she has a ponytail, and when she wears headphones. Yes.

  2. I didn’t really care for Mugi in the first season, but for some reason I really like her in the second season. The fine, snow white Finnish skin, her deep Nordic blue eyes, her beautiful pale blind hair, her aloof and cute naivete, and DAT ASS.

    mmm… Mugi…

  3. >> I don’t really think that I can say that I LIKE it.

    Do you enjoy watching it?

    More importantly, when you watch shows, normally do you have to like them to keep watching them? 😛

  4. Well, if you can’t pull away from a show, then the show did something right to continue to pique your interest. 😛

    On a Mugi note don’t forget k-on starts as first years. They just end up older than you because of time progression. :X

    On another note you do really want to set your things such that it doesn’t get overrided by k-on. It’s not like it’s going to disappear anytime soon. XD

    … oops, I typed the email on the name section and the name on the email section. No wonder the post wasn’t registering. orz

  5. Choux:
    I know what you mean- although I can’t help but laughing at the girls’ antics. Something as simple as Ritsu’s “eh-hee” big grin or Yui’s skinship with the reluctant Azuza always crack me up. I think my fav fun scene is the pillow fight on their retreat. So unexpected from Tsumugi, but that look of determination on her face is priceless- along with her “snort” later on when they’re winding down (lycopene!)

    Just little things like that. But I would have to say that what brings me back (and you might think about this too) is the heartfelt scenes that happen on a regular basis. It shows how important having friends can be and I think this is what lies at the core of K-On! when everything is said and done. There’s more to say, but you get my point.

    But I also like that the writers didn’t shy away from more mature themes like Ritsu’s jealousy towards Nokaka, and Tsumugi’s crush on Sawaka sensei. I’m sure I am missing some good ones!

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