Happy new year!

It’s not the lunar new year yet, so posting pictures of bunnies isn’t perfectly fitting, but I can’t help it since they’re so adorable~ (Pixiv)

Anyway, this has been a long and also very interesting year (I kind of wish I kept a journal that I can flip back on to see what exactly happened). So, I hope that everyone can reflect on the good things that happened, and I wish that everyone can have a bunniful new year! (bountiful, bunniful, get it? Get it? Maybe I should say “hoppy new year too”… wait, that’s just lame orz)


5 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Happy New Year. 2010 was comprised of time going by really fast, cons, and reading blogs almost every day.

    I have absolutely no idea what’s in store for 2011.

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