I.Give.Up once again

Kara no shoujo is great. It’s good. It’s fine. It’s too complicated for its own good! I have just spent WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many hours trying to get the true ending, while failing miserable each and every of the 6 times. This would be a lot easier if there weren’t so many choices to mess up on. But nooooooooooo, they just HAD to have a system where you had to collect every single one of Touko’s points near the beginning of the game, and if you missed on you had to start from THE.VERY.BEGINNING.AGAIN. Then, just when I thought I had gotten all her points and triggered the necessary events, the mystery part of the game seems to fail, and I can’t get to the final deductions on the final day. Of course, I tried again from an early save file, which failed miserable. That means I need to start from the VERY beginning, AGAIN, without knowing exactly what I did wrong as I was attempting to follow a walkthrough which MIGHT explain why I’m failing but I can’t tell exactly as it’s in Japanese and this is something delicate which google translate can’t show me. Perhaps my failure isn’t even in the walk through in the first place. But I swear I will NEVER, EVER, play another game where you need to get a ridiculous amount of choices right many, many times in order to collect all the special triggered CGs at the end (which they do NOT permit you to collect through 1 or even 2 play throughs) AGAIN.

…Can someone get me a chinese savefile for the true ending? Please? Pretty please? I’m in despair…

Ok, it turns out that I actually missed an event needed to unlock the true ending twice in a row. Go figure. The ending is really good, but oh man I wish I unlocked it on the first try.


10 thoughts on “I.Give.Up once again

    • No, it’s not difficult, my personality’s the problem. I have the CG pack. I know exactly what I’m missing. It’s just that my ego won’t let me quit.

  1. It’s not even hard really. It’s just the usual avoid everyone else, and only go to places where Touko is or where you get a vital clue. Not rocket science.
    Takes like an hour ctrling to where you are probably (yes I had to replay it myself several times when testing since there were entire tool changes and shit inbetween).
    Anyway here’s the english walkthrough we used (thank Apo for translating it, not me), you can just use that and interpret it to the chinese choices http://p.blicky.net/axxx9 . It shouldn’t take that long to get to the end really.

    • I know. It’s just that I kept missing this one point really early in the game (because of a mistake in google translate), and I didn’t notice for 3 playthroughs. Then, I failed twice in unlocking the last part of the game (found the culprit, but not the true identity of the psychiatrist). The thing is that the walkthroughs I found didn’t tell me about unlocked scenes which would tell me that I was on the right track. If I knew about Touko’s scene with the pencil, I would have noticed that I messed up on the first play through. As for my second mistake, I have no idea where I went wrong, and I REALLY don’t want to start from the beginning again.

      • …I feel like a gambler who’s thinking “I’ve almost won a million dollars, I’ve already spent thousands, it’s stupid to give up when I know that I’ll win the next one!”

  2. @Choux
    The only thing you’d lose is that maximum one hour it takes you to get there. If you really think the game wasn’t good enough to endure that much to get to the real ending, then I’m speechless.

  3. I think the giving up had everything to do with getting the wrong instructions rather than the disinterest in shooting for that last segment.

    The source of the problem is always earlier, heh.

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