Two mini reviews

Since there isn’t a much of a point in doing two whole reviews, I’ve squished these two together~ Well, I say reviews, but they’re more like final impressions.

Accany already made a great review on Kara no shoujo, and I don’t see the point of writing another one that says pretty much the same thing. There’s great music, great art, and a great story that really makes use of the visual novel system to incorporate its mysteries.The characters are interesting, even though half the female cast gets killed, and as always with Innocent grey games, the true motives behind the characters are completely insane and convoluted, in a good way. Many people didn’t like the ending, but although I dislike how the writers dealt with Touko (not just the ending, her romance was awkward too), I thought that the ending was really nice, so it’s all good.

…Although the artist really needs to learn how to draw surprised faces…

Da Capo PC, or at least Da capo itself, should be something that’s familiar with everyone. I had two purposes in playing this. One was to prep myself for DCIIPC, which I have done, and the second was to sate my curiosity about exactly happened. Considering the obscene amount of routes here, the second posed quite a problem. I’ve ranted about it before, but the pacing is even worse when I went through the entire thing. 2.5 paths later, I gave up and got a save file. Luckily, perhaps to compensate for its meager 50 save files, DCPC comes with the option to view all scenes that you have completed directly in the extras section. All in all , it wasn’t that good. Save for some of the backgrounds and a very small amount of character art, this game didn’t age well graphically. …Is that a dress from this century? And it’s supposed to be flattering and beautiful? Really? …That BOW, that COLOR… It almost feels like the artist was trying to kill off my love for maid uniforms. …eww…

Music wise it’s ok, but I am unpleasantly surprised by the recording quality of the voices. Oh well, at least it’s not as bad as KID’s stuff. The system is pretty decent considering its age.

Now, for the story… I admit that I have a dislike toward slice of life moeges, but even taking its age into consideration, I just didn’t like it. Most of the story just didn’t click with me, and that’s ok, but some of the endings were just messed up. With very little explanation, endings look like it’s going to be bad, that someone has died, only to have a happily ever after in the epilogue. It’s especially jarring the first time. What’s more, a lot of the drama was not only generic but also improperly used. One of the characters almost killed herself by swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills. Am I supposed to believe that a few words from the protagonist can make everything happy happy sparkle sparkle again?

Overall, I don’t think it’s worth it to actually invest the full amount of time and effort to go through this thing.

Also, Nemu scares me.

Also also, Kotori’s seiyuu can’t sing. At all. I love Yui Horie but whoever voiced this was painful to listen to. In fact, most of the girls are really really squeaky compared to DCII, I wonder why.

Also also also, I’m kind of glad I never finished Muv Luv now.



5 thoughts on “Two mini reviews

  1. I don’t think the ending (I cried when the “bird flew from the egg”), or the romance between them was awkward at all (I never even heard anyone complaining about that). She was an odd, peculiar heroine and definitely not someone who should have been romanced with via normal means. She always had the hots for him to boot.
    Frankly the only complain I got that Reiji was kinda boring during the first halfish (probably until solving the first case or so), and I wish he’d have made stuff more interesting or something.
    I definitely feel the climax, + altogether the scenario was grander and better executed than in Cartagra, while I’d say the latter had better heroines (Rin, Nana, the Mistress, the Silver Haired girl whose name I forgot), and more Yagimura goodness. Damn, I love that bloody asshole.

  2. The art for DC isn’t great for today’s standards, but if you compare it to other games of the time…

    DCII was pretty good. The art was…okay. Koko and Anzu were painful to look at. Well, Yume-sama looked nice.

  3. DC seems pretty good when you think of 2002.

    That’s okay I still look at Final Approach and Mizuiro, and that’s 2004 and 2001 respectively. Or 1997 works and go oh gosh.

    I think you mentioned before DC seems to convey balance. Nothing spectacular, but not like outright bad. I say it’s a good standard, easy to recognize.

  4. The thing is, just because a game is old doesn’t mean that it’s ok for artists to make very basic mistakes. The anime style has been going back for a few decades, and nowhere do I think it’s ok for a character’s eyes to be crocked and slightly psycho looking like this or to have major structural inconsistency between characters like this. I mean, it’s ok to have many artists, Toheart 2 did it pretty well. Each artist even drew the uniform differently, but there was no huge difference in arm length of 2 girls who seems to be around the same size here. Speaking of Leaf’s games, Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu was released only one year later and it looks like this. But that’s going off topic. The point I’m trying to make is that even if the styles were updated, as they were for that new DC/DCII crossover, there are just some really basic problems that shouldn’t have been there, no matter what the year was. Overall, it’s still good for its time, since the eroge market wasn’t as big (or as stagnated, for that matter) as now, and there’s less to be picky about. However, it still didn’t age well.

    @.: GASP, you DARE insult Anzu-sama? I am SHOCKED and APPALLED.

  5. Point taken, especially when a later release could have used new art and be like omg, not only is there more content, but the art was freshened up and the previous oddities were nullified (like a DVD version of an anime, maybe).

    I wonder why that doesn’t occur more often?

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