+2 -1 awesome things

There are subtitles about zombies. Awesome.

Watching an artist get better over time. Awesome.

Not having enough time to actually watch an entire episode of anime+the realization that there are only a few days until I begin to have final exams. Not awesome.


4 thoughts on “+2 -1 awesome things

    • One comment is perfectly ok, don’t worry too much. It’s Takeuchi Takashi. Most of the pictures I post will be from moe imouto, so you can just type in the number to see more information.

  1. Are all the type-moon art by Takeuchi Takashi? Was he the high schooler that decided to make a 2 man company and the founder of Type-Moon?

    • He is the signature artist and co-founder of Type moon, yes, but he didn’t illustrate all of the type moon works. For instance, Mahou tsukai no yoru will be illustrated by Hirozaku Koyama.

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