I’m in J Rock heaven!

If you know me at all, you know how much I love Buck Tick and abingdon boys school, so imagine my absolute joy to find that Atsushi joined Takanori on stage for abs’s cover of BT’s Dress.

Enjoy and drool over the deliciousness that is Atsushi’s voice. Oh and doesn’t Takanori look so cute in his kilt 🙂

BONUS VIDEO – I love this one from The GazettE – Guren. Quite different from Shiver, but the melody really stays with me, or it could just be Ruki’s voice 🙂 (Its available to buy on Itunes btw)


3 thoughts on “I’m in J Rock heaven!

  1. Kyaaaaaaaa~ That’s an awesome cover. Looking at Atsushi makes me think of Snape though (I can not believe that Snape isn’t a part of firefox’s word bank yet… I can’t believe FIREFOX still shows up as a misspelled word on firefox). And also, oh wow, that is a lot of squealing girls. And also also, that shot of the guy’s throat really reminds me of Higurashi. I mean, there probably isn’t an infectious disease and insanity involved, but other than that, that throat is what I expect things to look like if Higurashi got a live action.

  2. It really is isn’t it? LOL now you mention it, he does have a Snapeish quality.

    I’m quite behind on FF, I’ve been using Chrome for a while, the last FF update just didn’t want to seem to work on any of our home computers.

    We finally got it working on the laptop (after the 3rd re-download) by figuring out that if we started it up as admin, it would actually run.

    That got annoying, so we made the switch to Chrome.

    Yeah, I’m not quite sure what Ruki had going on with his throat there, but I love him anyway 🙂

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