Is this it? Could this be?

Death by moe?


11 thoughts on “Is this it? Could this be?

      • I read it mostly for the same exact reason as well.

        Though on a unrelated note, I’ve hit a point in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia where everything goes back into Japanese, I assume it’s the end of the patch. Is there a complete or near complete patch of it?

      • If it’s either the Chinese patch of English patch you’re talking about, yes, that should be the end of the patch. The Chinese patch (~97%) is more completed than the English patch, so if you were playing the English version, maybe you could try the Chinese patch?

  1. Yabuki Kentaro can sure draw!

    On a random note I don’t know if Rito should be more scared of the threat or the joke. At this point it’s probably ironically the latter because the former gives motif of protecting him from other hunters by saying he’s all mine or only I can eliminate him sort of quote thing.

    … yeah ….

      • You know what, it probably did.

        This series has been easier to remember due to it’s fun simplicity.

        If it weren’t for the art, I don’t think the series would garner as much attention.

        On the essay point, I think universities like their students to put their thoughts into detailed and concise statements. It’s not just theory, but what action you would take. This would allow them to gauge different approaches to the same topics and lead to a cause of variety and …

        Perhaps I should be happy I’m working and not in school. I do want to use my brain again though, it’s been stagnating.

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