Some thoughts on K-on


Approximately 5 minutes ago, I just finished watching the 24th episode of K-on!!. As shocked as I was and still am about the fact, I still have tears on my face.

I remember when K-on first came out. In fact, I can still dig up that old “first impressions” post I wrote. To say that I liked the show or that I was impressed by it would be something that couldn’t be further than the truth. The BGM was quite boring for a show based on music (and I have to say that it didn’t really improve), the characters seemed flat and looked blobby, and overall, the ending song was the only thing I liked about it. Of course, the chances of me watching the show was greatly reduced by the legions of people cheering about how moe Mio is. Oddly enough, I didn’t watch Haruhi and Lucky Star at first for similar reasons, but I grew to absolutely love those two shows. Maybe that’s the reason that I decided to give the show a second chance. You know what, I am SO glad that I watched this show.

I can list out a bunch of reasons for liking this show.

There is plenty of background porn and actual things animated in the background.

The animation is fluid and completely amazing.

The swipes are adorable.

The side characters completely steal the show.

The vocal songs are fantastic and gets stuck in your head like nothing else. And-guh, I think I’m starting to cry again…

There is no plot to speak of, and almost everything are simple, everyday events. Who HASN’T spent a day worried about a phoroshoot? Who HASN’T experienced the bittersweet bliss of procrastination?

Who HASN’T set out to do something, only to end up sleeping before doing anything? I think that’s why I like this show. The characters, and especially Mugi (who is my favorite character) are endlessly curious and eager to explore and enjoy the life around them. Through the small interactions between people, the girls of Houkago Tea Time works their way into the everyday lives of the viewers. Slowly but surely, I found myself grinning throughout the episodes. Some of it had to do with my enjoyment of the jokes, but most of it was simply because the K-on world is a nice place to be.

Then, there came the realization that the girls are growing up and moving on. The impact I felt from that is probably greater because of where I am right now. When Yui was worried about her future, I could relate because I’m worried about MY future. I’m growing up. It was my 18th birthday a week ago. I was filling out university applications this morning. I’m absolutely terrified of graduation, and what it will do to me and my relationships with people. I probably won’t be able to just go and grab a taiyaki to eat with my best friend in a few months. My boyfriend was talking to me about living together. In a few months, it might be the last time that I’m living in this house, with my family, my pets, my everything. When I get to university, I probably won’t be able to keep posting at this blog either. Even then, I can’t help but worry about my grades, which aren’t close enough to 100%, and how the hell I’m going to get a good job i this kind of economy. It feels like everything in my life is graduating, and I’m Anzunyan desperately wishing for everything to stay the same, despite knowing that I am eventually going to graduate, just like everyone else. And that’s why K-on resonates with me. The characters inside? They care about their future, but they don’t let fear and worries take away from their enjoyment of life. They support one another, and find support in one another. It’s because of their love for live and everything in it that they’re so lovable to the viewers. Yui is Yui, with her clumsy ADD space case/cool for that one second personality. Ritsu is Ritsu, with her constant lack of memory for any and all official business. Mio is Mio, with her unending streaming of embarrassment but lack of hesitation for violence when needed. Mugi is Mugi, with her instantly recognizable eyebrows and plethora of sweets tucked away. Anzunyan is Anzunyan, even if she never admits to how easily she gets bribed by cake. Sawa-chan is Sawa-chan, with completely awesome ninja manouvers including the ability to appear out of nowhere. Ui is Ui, with her OH MY GOD MY EYES ARE BLINDED BY HER WIFE-NESS capabilities. 

And of course, K-on is K-on, with the endless wardrobes and the gags and the awesome visual effects and the little details in the animation and the long days of something but nothing and the procrastination which turn out to be more fun anyway and the friendship and the love and the everyday life that everyone loves. That is why I’m so touched by the show. That’s why episode 24 made me cry more than Clannad. So long, and thanks for all the cake.


8 thoughts on “Some thoughts on K-on

  1. Aww….all will be ok…..= =
    At least you don’t have to take any SATs…
    10 years from now you’ll be laughing when you think back╮(╯▽╰)╭

    PS: those cake look good…..though I can imagine how much cream is on them….i hate cream…囧

    • In other words, “at least you’re not taking the effort to do something which will give you access to considerably more options in education and money”. Really, it’s possible to take anything and spin it in a depressing way. I don’t think I’ll laugh though, seriously. I don’t laugh at the stuff I did 5 years ago.
      Now that I think about it, aren’t you more like Anzunyan than me since you’re getting left behind?
      Also, you hate cream? Gasp! I thought you liked all food. Do you dislike buttercream, whipped cream, bavarian cream, or all cream? I dislike buttercream, but that doesn’t mean I hate all cream. What about mousse?

      • eh… i suffered the same problem before when i was looking at colleges. in the end i went to the closest one nearby and rent a cheap apartment and pretty much my daily life is as dull as it can get. (don’t have a social life at all whatsoever, so K-On really rings in me as the life I’ve always wanted.) It’s really hard to find people who share your interests in real life unlike anime, whom u can just drag people into your club like K-On and Haruhi and they’ll stick with it.

  2. You know, I was like wait a minute, it’s February, wasn’t your birthday like a week ago? That means Sakura’s is in like 1 week too.

    I don’t remember exact dates but somehow I remembered it was in February. Then again, you likely posted that info yourself.

    And yes I had similar impressions on K-On. It wasn’t until like a short marathon where I go oh, that wasn’t too bad at all, though I sort of skimmed it anyways at a friend’s place since I don’t really watch anime.

    On a senior year of high school note, yeah I went totally nostalgic 1st year, that’s for sure. World of difference, but ends up really good, not that I maximized my time, and went home often anyways so that sort of neutralized major changes.

    From what I recall, you’ve been using most of this year with tests and preparation so like, make the most out of it instead of dreading what the preparation is intended for. Dunno what’s your intended college or major but if you have some idea, then roll with that. If not, keep searching. It wasn’t until post college that I realized how useful and grand the timespan you’re about to go into is.

    And uh I thought a major component that made K-On enjoyable is the slice of life effects. Thus, correlating it to yourself makes it more meaningful I suppose?

    So, how does it feel to finally be 18? That seems to be a key number since …

    … wait, do bank account regulations in Canada differ? (base requirement is generally 18+) *random research*. Oh, youth accounts for under 19, right.

    Uh yeah you know, 18 is that supposed key age thing via various things. Are you in a province that lets you drink now, or do you have to wait another year?

    Basically yes, change (drastic I suppose) and fear of the unknown, and yet it’s also supposed to be a world of interesting opportunity.

    Or take it this way, the fond high school memories will last forever. Moving away may reduce frequency of sighting of loved ones and daily familiarity, but since they are loved ones, won’t go away, and a return sighting would be even more delightful.

    Blog-wise I’ll still follow this, even if posts are once a blue moon.

    Dunno when the Canadian school year ends, but do end it with a blast. It’s not over yet.

    • It was a week ago. Now that I think about it, I posted something involving my birthday last year.

      Nothing special comes from being 18. I already had a card and driving lisence, and the drinking age isn’t for a few more years. Aside from being able to vote and buy porn, it doesn’t really amount to much (and it’s not like I would actually buy porn lol).

      Thanks for saying that you’ll follow this. For some reason, the hits on this blog hasn’t dropped as much as I thought it would. Makes me feel happy in an odd way.

      • Yeah I was wondering how on earth I was like “wait isn’t Choux’s birthday in February?” Then I’m like wait where did I get that from … then it’s like oh you posted it yourself.

        Ah yes vote. The only major extra addition to what you do is the one I completely forgot about. Speaking of which, I forgot what happened to that company in Canada called Bell Canada *looks up*, oh not deemed insolvent. Time flies. The new 18 is like … 15 probably, shrug.

        The posting and content frequency didn’t exactly drop by a large margin. If there was a shift, it’d be a general shift on changing times.

        On another note, your computer is much improved, so not only is your anime watching up, but your busy schedule is taking most of your time.

        I don’t know what 2011 will have in store, but I certainly enjoyed following this blog for 2010.

        On a K-On note, was this series in like the backlog? To turn into something you really enjoyed, I would think you would have gotten around to it earlier. Oh well, it’s rather re-watchable.

        Good luck with your applications.

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