Here at CI, we CARE about your health

And you know what they say~ Laughter is the best medicine! So, in order to improve the overall health of this world, I present to you this video, which has incited much laughter from me. Haha.

Now, as many of you know, MOE is the best medicine. For most of you, it’s better than laughter. So, I present, 明 (mei?), an artist on pixiv who has successfully created what I deem as my favorite Homura fanart. Yes, the show is awesome (did you REALLY think that I’d pass something up by Gen Urobuchi? because I wouldn’t, I really, really wouldn’t).

And lastly, for those of you who want moe in a different form, *coughtrap*cough a patch for Koitate has been released~ Unfortunately, it only contains one path, which happens to be the ojou-sama. Yes, I know that they are ALL ojous, but this one is the blonde girl who’s oozing ojou-sama aura from her every pore. I’m not a big fan of the artist (I mean, the lines are fine, I just don’t like that cold style of coloring), but I’ll be checking it out anyway.

Let everyone have good health in this new year. And happy discovery of Pluto day. You have been demoted from a planet, but you will always be in our hearts.


11 thoughts on “Here at CI, we CARE about your health

  1. I guess that video reminded me of Yatta years back?

    If the post didn’t have Homura fan art, the pictures would have been devoid of females.

    I was just about to stop looking at visual novels entirely with recent trends, but previously (or still, just that there hadn’t been any more prominent vn ones) being a trap fan, I would say I have to give this a go considering how extraneously excited over this when there was one chapter in English in June ’09. Dunno, by now I’m probably burnt out.

    Quite a refreshing post Choux. First you run the previous two posts with certain notation and bam, this occurs.

    I need to find more sources of laughing material then. Lately has been too consistent and mellow. Thanks Choux, I think I know what to allocate this Saturday on now and will enjoy it plenty.

  2. Laughing material? Let’s see what I can find…

    Learning English:

    A cat is fine too:

    I don’t even know:

    Not funny or cute but who cares:

    Afterschool ZombieTime?:

    Best commercial:

    I’ll stop for now before I just start dumping my entire bookmarks folder.

  3. Auto-embedding the links. I had just meant for there to be a few links, not huge embedded videos clogging up the comments section.

    • I’m not the biggest fan of 77gl (the coloring isn’t too clean and the images tend to be a bit too busy), but I was already a fan of ayase08, s/he’s one of the hundreds of artists whom I bookmark so I can post about them later. At the rate that my backlog is growing, I’m not sure if it’s a lol or an orz moment anymore…

  4. that K-On zombie thing… wow.

    as for the first post, I am amazed at the jump rope scene, how they manage to still cover each other while jumping, total atheletes these guys are. wonder how many tries it took.

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