I thought hair like this only existed in mangas, I’m not sure even Elvis’s was this outrageous.


15 thoughts on “OMFG

    • Not sure, one of the peeps in the comments said that where they hung out, I see a lot of bikes, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were a legitimate biker gang or something.

      I can’t decide whether they are scarier than Hells Angels or not…

  1. [4:36:06 午後] eufonet: there once was a really bored TNH who watched a Japanese biker youtube video with spiralling awesome hairdo that raeched the sky
    [4:36:27 午後] eufonet: he tried to copy it, and end up with some really sticky gel hair that in the end never stuck up 3 feet
    [4:36:39 午後] eufonet: time to go wash my hair…
    [4:36:43 午後] eufonet: ewww….

  2. @ Choux, true if you add in wash time to the styling and blow drying time, it would probably take more than an hour a day to lovingly craft your hair like that.

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