Random thoughts about watching stuff

1) It’s so much easier to watch stuff in English. I went through 6 seasons of How I met your mother in around a week, and the last time I went to watch even a single season of anime, it took… oh wow, how long ago was that? I can’t remember.

2) It’s so much easier to watch stuff than to read stuff. One of the reasons that adaptions of VN are good ideas (and one of the reasons that fans dislike it) is the fact that it condenses events immensely. VN has a habit of throwing in endless amounts of idle chatter, and when stuff is shortened and animated, it is much, much harder to feel bored.

3) Amagami and Kimikiss are interesting.

4) It really is amazing. Considering the fact that the source material are made by the same people, the way that Amagami completely trumps Kimikiss in the visual department is quite amazing. I think I prefer the story of Amagami more too. I mean, weird looking faces are regular occurrences in Kimikiss, and this is only the first episode. It’s definitely going to get worse as it goes on.

5) Seriously, what is it with these bishoujo adaptions? They have better romances than romance dramas. That’s weird. Shame on you, romance dramas!

6) How? How did they know I love that kind of shining through window light effects?

7) Sorry, Katahane, you’re just not that interesting.

9 thoughts on “Random thoughts about watching stuff

  1. Amagami was very entertaining to watch, though I wished there was more a time leap epilogue like the first and last arc, the heroines got a normal non-conclusive end. =_= + the girls were so much cuter then in KimiKiss

  2. That second pic… forget who the random friend side character is… but a little bubble keeps popping up in my head that says ’emiya shirou’ :/.

    Also, the girls in these anime (at least half the ones in amagami) are definitely not in high school… they must have failed like half a dozen grades, seriously not even college kids are such teases – -‘

  3. Hm odd I thought I posted. Must have closed the window.

    I would find an enterbrain comparison easier if both anime variants had used the same formula. Considering how kimikiss split the protagonist into two already changes everything. On the other hand, it allows a dimension that nets two aspects.

  4. For the visuals, the two shows were produced by different studios so that might explain the issue of animation quality. But yes, they’re a wonderful pair of stories. I imagine the games are above-average in the dating sim world because the anime sure are above-average compared to other adaptations.

  5. I hear you, while my anime watching has been very slack I’ve gotten through a ton of home grown shows the last two seasons.

    Chuck, Bones, Being Erica, Smallville, Justfied, Criminal Minds, NCIS oh and HOCKEY!

    I’ve also been reading OMG actual books and manga. The only thing I’m watching with regularity at the moment is Kimi ni Todoke.

  6. God I think the omnibus format was the worst part of the show, the characters are mostly annoying especially Sae and Ayatsuji (>>> yes,yes Tsukasa Aystsuji is fail) ,and I personally think Kimikiss,White Album,and other “serious” VN adaptation are much better.

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