I am cursed. I must be.

There’s  no way to explain why my favorite characters in series end up in such horrible situations. Nisio Isin, oh Nisio Isin… Why is that the first time you make a couple that I absolutely adore and is 100% willing, no EAGER to ship, you completely destroy it?

I thought that I was prepared. I mean, I already knew what was going to happen. I have already read the main Zaregoto series. Sadly, my liking for it has dwindled as the books went on, as it was simply too messy with too many open plot threads/holes. However, I still read it. And I knew what was going to happen to by (soon to be) beloved character. However, as legions of characters were killed off (many of them somewhat pointlessly, I must say), I had quite forgotten which one has actually gone. I mean, this is not a happy series, and Nizio Isin doesn’t seem to like happy endings anyway. And I have no idea how I forgot that, considering what happened in the books prior. See that cute girl with the knitted cap? Her hands aren’t there for a reason. It was a scene, but still, her hands aren’t there for a reason. The other characters don’t exactly have happy future ahead of them. That’s what you get for being killers, I guess.


I had forgotten those two little morsels of knowledge when I read  零崎人識の人間関係 匂宮出夢との関係 (a part of a spin off of sorts to Zaregoto). I had somehow remembered a single scene for one of the other books which made me thought that there was going to be a happy end. Obviously, there wasn’t. And now I want to kick something. Maybe dismember it and show it on display. Although no one will get that reference. Sigh…The later books only make it worse. When Hitoshi said “If Izumu was here”… I died a little inside. Sigh… WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME, NISIO ISIN? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!

tl;dr: I have now rediscovered my passion for tragic romances. Katanagatari, here I come.


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