Visual shock

Izumi Tsubasu and Ryohka are, in my mind, similiar to Nishimata Aoi and Suzuhira Hiro. Both of them have worked together since their earliest days, producing what was considered to be eye candy for eroges. Needless to say the eye candy and moe attracted more buyers than the actual plot (think Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka and Shuffle). Both pairs have doujin circles. Both pairs eventually split apart. Izumi Tsubasu left Feng, and has since then worked on Mashiro Iro symphony. Suzuhira Hiro has left Navel, and has then worked on Stellar theater and Yosuga no Sora, among other things.

What differentiates the pairs in my eyes, however, is the fact that I actually like Izumi Tsubas and Ryohka.

Which is what caused me to be surprised at aozora no mieru oka.

The problem is simple. The above is what I’m used to seeing from Izumi Tsubasu. And below is what I’m used to seeing from Ryohka.

This is a screenshot from aozora no mieru oka.

I should have expected this.

I have SEEN promotional art for this game.

I KNEW that this was drawn years ago.

But I have simply been too pampered.

The countless anatomy mistakes jump out like frogs on crack. The loveless coloring screams generic. The-th…..

On an unrelated note, Katahane is proving to be more interesting. I still don’t like any of the characters though


8 thoughts on “Visual shock

  1. Well, regardless of the quality of the VN, I have to give due credit to 妹乃萌汉化小组…..they are one of the remaining Chinese translation groups that are actually still relatively active

  2. I probably hyped up Aozora no Mieruoka a bit much. Then again time and time again what I always enjoy most about the game was its prototype effect that it preceded Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka. (That and Fujimiya Sai is canonically Fujimiya Sui’s little brother until you realize that Sui is the kouhai of Hideki, and that Sai is somewhat-but-not-really a senpai to Junichi, then if you do the math it doesn’t make sense when you consider Mikoto’s relative grade level in both cases it’s actually the other way around.)

    I must say though, since one aspect I enjoy of your blog is when you point out anatomy flaws, lines or ratios, it gives a good perspective. On the other hand it also made flaws more noticeable and previously appealing drawings don’t look so good now.

    I remember when I first saw playthrough videos of Aozora no Mieruoka, it was a first time through and I was marveling at how it’s so prototype. Now that you pointed out the Izumi Tsubasu and Ryohka side by side art thing with bad anatomy I was like oh hahahaha. Oh gosh, oh my. Hahahaha. But then again I pay attention to the concept more than intricacies but I will have to agree with you on the artness.

    I think the best analogy is how Kantoku when he draws for a PC game, the art seems to revert to at least 3 years before. So in this case since it’s 2006, which was years past, has a similar application. However, the said artist’s art style for this case doesn’t vary too much. I’d rather say the better drawn pictures tend to appear more glossy or pretty or shinier in a sense. What I want to ask you Choux is, what exactly is the tool or drawing style that is different? It’s like Aozora no Mieruoka was a stale palette while the sample art you did was the promotional art or as I say, shinier image. I’m sure there’s an easier term to use.

    On a random note that also implies that the Chinese translation for Aozora no Mieruoka actually made more progress and that you posting about it also means it’s possibly done. (Last time it was 50% or something?). I should be like, jumping the gun and reading but no.

    I’m not sure how you are pampered when you’re one who points out flaws in certain artwork. I would think if something didn’t look quite right to you, that you would notice if it doesn’t visually please you.

    • I totally understand that whole prototype thing. For no reason whatsoever, I went and installed toheart2 again. It’s like the epitome of the average VN setting, but it’s made in 2003, so the whole prototype thing counts. The sad thing is, it was made 3 years before, but it still looks 10 times better than Aozora. Heck, it looks better than most games out THIS year.
      So what you’re saying is that ccording to the ages of Sui and Sai, relative to the games, Aozora takes place before Akane. But Mikoto’s age doesn’t fit with that secenario? Ok. Mikoto has the same age in Aozora, but she isn’t older in Akane? Or am I getting mixed up?

      I don’t think that applies to Kantoku anymore. If you look at the art for Dear Diary, it’s quite different (not to mention much lolier). The rough drafts of the character sketches still look familiar, but the final art doesn’t feel like him at all.
      In this case, I would use the word “polished”? Dunno, it’s hard to think of a word that does the situation justice. Especially since I don’t think that there actually was a change in tools.
      Yes, the chinese translation IS finished. They finished with the translation last week and only beta tested for a few days. Man, that’s fast.

      • Oh man TH2. That was 2004 and that wasn’t even PC until 2005. Then you go TH1 and that’s really prototype in 1997.

        Well I don’t know the timeline of the games since I can’t read it, but look at the ribbon colors. Green (1st year), Blue (2nd year), Red (3rd year). Then you see in Aozora that Mikoto wears blue while Sui wears Green. In Aozora, relative to the protag, Sui is a 1st year. Then you go to Akane and see that Mikoto wears red (and is a senpai to Junichi), but then Sai has more association with her than other characters [actually this I do not know.]

        But then Sai doesn’t go to the school so it’s moot.

        Since the two games are technically unrelated, there’s nothing pointed out and it’s not relevant either. But then you know Fujimiya’s VA is the exact same person and the character design is blue hair with green eyes.

        Fast indeed.

      • Ah. Ok. I need to check that out for myself, it seems.
        By the way, Aozora is quite interesting. I don’t know if it’s the prototype aura or not, but it’s a lot less annoying that, say, Hoshikaka or Tenshin Ranmen. Huh.

      • I treat is as simple slice of life that doesn’t exhibit inherent weaknesses.

        It’s a game you wouldn’t rate high, but there’s no reason to really rate it low. Nothing of particular gripe (art is bearable if content works) and best of all, it’s not extensively long (you’ve mentioned in several VNs that some slice of talk was too long).

        Bear in mind your other examples just now were 2009/2010 products (initially Hoshikaka was slated for ’09 anyways). There’s a reason why I gripe about recent saturation more and more and seem to always like to look at older works more. This is even though the art is better (though I guess that’s really bad if the more recent art in games didn’t get more … shiny)

        But yes, you will notice the size of the game isn’t all that big. Even though I couldn’t read, the vibe and ambiance was simple fun sort of slice of life. To be consistent, I’ll say it’s all about prototype.

        As far as Fujimiya Sai goes, there’s no indication that he’s a senpai. He’s just there. Since I couldn’t read I’m like, well sure he has wavelength stuff and was like wait is he human, yeah, he is.

        Let me know how it turns out. Perhaps you’ll end up reviewing it.

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