April’s fools or not, this is awesome.

Update: The mysterious girl in the black dress actually appeared as a silhouette in the first released opening, and there are promotional material of her out, along with Chizuru’s machine gun outfit. Plus, the new information hasn’t been taken down yet. It’s real. YESSSSS….


3 thoughts on “AWESOME

  1. Wow, words fail me…..
    Sadly, this April Fool’s Joke is probably 1,000x better than what the original VN is going to be when it comes out, unless it had went through some really dramatic improvements since the release of its trial….

  2. Like you said, you can take this as a joke that they did “rewrite” it.

    I guess shiny is the right word. Animating that is by no means easy.

  3. Shota, yes.
    Battling shota, yesss!
    Shota with daggers/swords/blades etc… YESSSSS!!!

    PS: this is the only the second animated opening (or promotion) I’ve seen since Para-sol. I sincerely hope there’ll be more of these. =_,=

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