Hanasaku Iroha first impression

That is DEFINITELY NOT a generic anime.


That is DEFINITELY a generic drama.

I mean, parents running off, girl goes to a new place to fend for herself, she’s a little too naive, but tries to work hard, she meets other workers who are more experienced and jaded, who dislikes her, she meets the office gossip who’s chatty and thinks other women are whores, she messes up, the strict owner/boss reprimands her, she feels all alone. I have seen so many similar asian dramas that I’m getting goosebumps. All that’s missing is a fated encounter with a mysterious guy who hates her/she hates at first for her to warm up to. But then again, this doesn’t seem  like a romance drama, so it’s fine. You just KNOW that she’s going to end up making friends with everyone, and gain respect from her grandmother. There will also be some kind of love triangle, but most of the romantic tension will not involve her. Etc, etc.

That said, I am a bit interested in the story, and the production values are definitely good. At the very least, I’ll marathon through it when it’s over.


3 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha first impression

  1. If I remember this correctly, this is by P.A. Works.

    I enjoyed this so far, just worry how it’ll turn out and that I don’t– quoting Kiiragi of Random Curiousity: “P.A. Worked”

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