Why the hell did I not watch this earlier?

I had some reservations about Star driver. I mean, it looks so absolutely camp! After I watched the first episode, I thought that it was confusing as hell but funny/pretty enough for me to keep watching. As the episodes went by, it somehow became more and more entertaining. I grew to like it more and more.

I mean, who DOESN’T like BL fantasies?

Then, episode 15 and 16 happened. They were masterfully directed, with gorgeous graphics and a story that is somehow emotional yet still ridiculously confusing.

For a second there I felt like I was watching Utena again, except Utena didn’t make me cry so much.


4 thoughts on “Why the hell did I not watch this earlier?

  1. You just had to prepare yourself for the FABULOUS! Or be able to get past the fight-of-the-week rhythm that it gets into.

    • Of course it is. There’s no way in hell Star Driver is ever going to reach the level of Utena. But having a show feel like Utena for a little bit is good enough.

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