The cycle of life and death continues

But I had never thought that of all things, it would be hitting Tokyopop. I mean, they’re only closing down their north american office, but still, this is way too shocking. The first time I learned about what “manga” was was through Zodiac P.I, or Jūnikyū de Tsukamaete. I still remember eyeing the book as it sat on the dining room table, as a present from a new friend.

This led to a love for manga, and regular trips to the book store. Thanks to injustice, us Canadians has to pay considerable more for american books, and in that year, the cost of a single volume of tokyopop manga was exactly 14.97. I usually paid 15 dollars to the cashier, so my change wallet was never short on pennies. To this day, I have no idea how I managed to amass the small fortune it took to buy the shelves of manga. Then, I discovered gotlurk, and began to download massive amounts of manga. I don’t think that I’ve read as much manga since then as that approximately one year period alone. Of course, this led to various other things. In fact, I can confidently say that if it wasn’t for that one volume of Tokyopop manga on my table on my 11th birthday, my life would be radically different, the least of which is the fact that I would not be sitting here and typing this post.

So long, Tokyopop. I thank you for what you have done, and I sincerely hope that you will still release vol.3 of Hetalia.


4 thoughts on “The cycle of life and death continues

  1. T_T does gotlurk even exist anymore? I’ve been looking for an alternative for a while now.

    Sad news on the Tokyo Pop front, i’ve been buying up their Negima manga as they been releasing.

    • I’m pretty sure gotlurk is still there… I was hesitant at first, but online reading sites like mangafox won me out in the end…
      …didn’t Del Rey release Negima?

  2. Well damn, I already only get what seems like only one volume a year of the Trinity Blood novels, bet this means they won’t be finishing it 😦

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