A random art post

Occationally, I see an artist that I really like. Then, I keep the page on my tabs so that I would remember to post about it later. Eventually, the tabs reach critical mass, and I get the urge to post something like this. 

Let’s face it, by now, most of us has seen so much touhou fanart that everything just melds into one big huge touhou-y mess.This is why I greatly treasure the few pieces of touhou art that still make me go “wow”. I really like Kirero (pixiv) because of the wonderful color schemes, and unlike most of his/her pieces, this maintains a good use of white, which stops it from being too busy.  Continue reading

Akatsuki no goei mini review

These characters have nothing to do with the post. Ok, they’re in the game, but I didn’t play their paths, that’s why this is a mini review.

Akatsuki no goei is about a slightly weird dude who’s at the bottom of his bodyguard class despite being supremely awesome at it. He was planning to drop out of class until the ojousama of ojousamas handpicked him as her personal bodyguard. So, now he’s back in the bodyguard school as the next year begins.

As you can see, the girls in this game are all osananajimis. There’s also a maid and some other minor characters, but that’s all fine. The 3 routes I played was Tsuki (the maid with a poison tongue), the hidden route, and Moe (the quite yet strong girl). I actually had to look up Moe’s name. It’s a bit sad that I’ve forgotten the character names already, isn’t it?

The first and foremost feeling that this game gives is this : UNFINISHED. A big chunk of the character routes were devoted to foreshadowing and build up, leading to the situation surrounding the ghettos and the protagonist’s past. In the middle of the routes, however, all of that build up was thrown out of the window. Continue reading


So, after months of waiting, Amagami SS is finally over. Just like Shin, I feel a bit of an empty feeling.

Finally, the Miya OVA is out. And while there is little romance or fan service like the other routes, there is definitely good stuff here. I love how they lean on the fourth wall and reference the arcs of the other girls. The stalking montage in particular is absolutely hilarious, and so was Risa’s various attempts at getting Miya to call her “nee-nee”. Despite everything, it seems like Miya has inherited the same oblivious gene as her brother, and doesn’t understand poor Risa’s intentions. Of course, the main point is that Miya finally gets more screen time. And it’s just nice to see her mess with  Jun’ichi. What’s more, we peek into her head, and see her own insecurities about love. She’s just as popular in the story as in real life though, so she’ll have nothing to worry about. The ending is also adorable, as Miya asks Jun’ichi if he would look for her if she ever got lost. I got some suspiciously Da Capo-ish vibes from that, but it’s all good.

Well, this was certainly a nice ending to a really entertaining series. It’s been fun, Amagami, I will be dreaming of meat buns tonight. Now, one last time.