Akatsuki no goei mini review

These characters have nothing to do with the post. Ok, they’re in the game, but I didn’t play their paths, that’s why this is a mini review.

Akatsuki no goei is about a slightly weird dude who’s at the bottom of his bodyguard class despite being supremely awesome at it. He was planning to drop out of class until the ojousama of ojousamas handpicked him as her personal bodyguard. So, now he’s back in the bodyguard school as the next year begins.

As you can see, the girls in this game are all osananajimis. There’s also a maid and some other minor characters, but that’s all fine. The 3 routes I played was Tsuki (the maid with a poison tongue), the hidden route, and Moe (the quite yet strong girl). I actually had to look up Moe’s name. It’s a bit sad that I’ve forgotten the character names already, isn’t it?

The first and foremost feeling that this game gives is this : UNFINISHED. A big chunk of the character routes were devoted to foreshadowing and build up, leading to the situation surrounding the ghettos and the protagonist’s past. In the middle of the routes, however, all of that build up was thrown out of the window.Moe, for instance, spent much of her route going to the ghettos. Then, like a switch, she stopped going and the subject was dropped completely. There was also no resolution to the protagonist’s past, or his relationship with Anzu, another bodyguard. I know that there are two other games in this series, but there are better ways to build things up, you know.

Tsuki’s route was also very convoluted. Most of it was quite normal and interesting, but that twist at the end made me go WTF.

The characters are pretty likable, though. Their interactions are interesting, and the game is definitely very funny. The music is throughly forgettable, the programming is good enough. The art is nice in an odd way. See, the backgrounds are nice, and the cg team is definitely competent. The thing is, though, is that the artist is someone who’s very good at drawing faces and hair. And that’s about it. The fashion sense is definitely questionable, and the anatomy is definitely off. It’s not THAT noticeable in game, but most of the images feel…off. A more obvious example can be seen in one of the artist’s later games.

The bottle-shaped body errily reminds me of a certain shoujo manga artist

Overall, this is an interesting enough game, but with some rather obvious shortfalls. It’s short though, so if you ever find yourself with nothing to do, this just might be the ticket.

4 thoughts on “Akatsuki no goei mini review

  1. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head; as I had heard similar complains from others who played the game. I hope the sequel gets translated though, as many claims that’s where the payoff comes in after all this world-building

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