Art post: Tan

Generally, I post about artists that are more polished and finished, but for some reason, Tan (pixiv), who almost never finishes her drawings, really speaks to me. There aren’t any astonishingly creative scenes, nor highly detailed backgrounds, or any major technical feat. Instead, there is only the very essence of an emotion, created then captured.

These drawings aren’t as finished as they could be, but she considers them to be complete at this point. All there is is a feeling and the artist’s approval. and that’s really enough. 

I absolutely love the warmth of this picture. Sleeping in the sun is one of the simple luxuries of life, one that’s not enjoyed enough by any member outside of the felidae family. What could be in that letter, I wonder?

Ok, my attempt at being poetic will stop here, because there is nothing I can say other than Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Tan likes to draw girls hugging stuffed animals, as this is not the only one on her pixiv page. It’s also interesting to see this kind of a take on Alice in Wonderland. It’s just so tiring, after all, to see yet ANOTHER person do something with a blue and white color scheme.

I’m pretty sure that this is an original, but the hairstyle reminds me of Fujinami Tomoko, a heroine from Canvas 2. Let it be fortunately or unfortunately, I dropped that game. Seeing the same character with the exact same emotion for 15 minutes really gets on my nerves.

What I really like about Tan are her unfinished drawings. The way that they come together never ceases to amaze me. I think that the word which best describes her drawings is “harmony”. There is a clear focus in her drawings, and the palettes always complement one another. Not a thing feels out of place in any of her drawings.

What makes her all the more awesome in my mind is the fact that she loves Sound Horizon and regularly draws fanart for it. This is Tan’s interpretation of Lafrenze, a character from the album Elysion. Like all heroines in Sound Horizon songs, her story is one of tragedy. It is a darker take on the tale of Orpheus.

Orpheus seduces the maiden Lafrenze in order to gain entry into Hades and rescue his dead lover. As the legend goes, Orpheus is allowed to take his beloved, but only on the condition that he does not look at her until they reach the surface. Unfortunately, he turns around steps away from the surface, only to see his lover dissipate, never to be seen again. Unlike most tellings of the legend, however, the reason that Orpheus turns around, in this story, is because Lafrenze cursed him, as revenge for how he betrayed her after taking her chastity.

This is not quite my favorite song on the album (that would still be Stardust, or maybe Arc), but it’s a nice story nevertheless.

Anyway, back to happier things. I adore this image, not only because it’s adorable, but also because it would be pretty awesome to have a had that contains a never ending stream of flowers. It might be a pain to clean up, but just think about how funny it would be!

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