Sisters~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ mini review

Story summary: A guy wakes up in a house where a widow and her two daughters live. Stuff happens. 

This title, like School days, was delayed many times. This title, like School days, is animated. This title, unlike school days, is animated absolutely beautifully. That last one is the main reason I decided to play it. And I’m glad I did.

Ok, I admit it, the main reason that I’m glad that I played it is still due to the eye candy. That, and the glowing sense of accomplishment from having completed my very first game in Japanese. But still, there are many levels of eye candy, and this is definitely the cream of the crop. There is an undeniably large amount of stunning animation, which did not skimp on the budget, with minimal animation mistakes. I have no idea how they managed to create animation without using video (while still being in sync with the sound), but whatever it is they did, it works. The voice acting is also nice, and the BGM is definitely one of the better ones that I’ve heard. They even put a Hatsune Miku song at the end!

The only problem, therefore, is the story.

The beginning is interesting enough. We are introduced to the two sisters, Chika and Haruka, and see their everyday lives. Dotted throughout the story are flashbacks to the last winter, and the summer before, explaining the setting piece by piece.

Chika's sad at how the story turned out ~ (Isn't she adorable with a ponytail? Isn't she? Isn't she?)

The main problem is, there is a huge amount of h-scenes. It is not that unreasonable, if it wasn’t for the fact that this game is very linear and short. While there is a decent amount of plot and foreshadowing at the beginning (which was quite enjoyable), very few things are properly explained. Instead, we get “treated” to fapping material, fapping material, and more fapping material. I know that they probably spent a lot of money on that stuff and all, but some decent sense of conclusion would be nice, thank you very much. But in the end, I’d say that it’s worth it for the story before the end, nice atmosphere, and the eye candy scenes. The guitar scene is awesome. Yes.


13 thoughts on “Sisters~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ mini review

  1. Wait is it just me or did you play this in Chinese therefore meaning a translation existed immediately after release?

    On the other hand yes, the animation is attention getting, but upon playing the trial I’m like uh yes, h, right.

    Good to know it turned out alright, and since it’s short it’s not draggy.

    What was the original delay time?

    • Oh, no. I played this in Japanese. And I know what you mean lol. I’m not quite sure how much it was delayed, but apparently it was announced years ago, then disappeared, then reappeared, then delayed for a couple of months more.

  2. I just finished a playthrough, and yes, the animation is quite well done. My guess is that it is using some sort of either well done flash or CGI animation, and it is scripted in such a way as to move character lips when speaking, etc.

    There are some mistakes but what the heck. My other complaints would be the storyline linearity, and the quality during h-scenes. [It looks a little bit rough, could be polished a little more -gah, i can’t put it in words. Though, it isn’t really THAT bad – the animation in the game is actually much better than a few other titles i have played, and those we either flash or predone.GIF images. Did anyone else freak out when they GIF’d the h-scenes in Kana -Okaeri- ?]

    Storywise, yeah, the ending is lacking, BUT there is an explanation…

    [spoiler] – abandon hope all ye who read further

    There seems to be some sort of problem with the sisters’ long-term memory recording. I am not sure if it’s just Haruka [black-haired girl] or both of them, but after the 15th, they forget everything that happened after a certain date. [metaphor – It’s like someone installed Deep Freeze on their brains.] Essentially, at the game’s end, it’s like you went back to a certain point somewhere in the beginning.

    But that is all i could get from the gist of it, what with my kindergarten level Japanese and some help from TA / ATLAS.


    I don’t know if it’d be better off as an H -anime.. but if that was the case, then we don’t get the option to release the kraken [inside] or [out] , do we?

    As a side note, the size of this game [5.75.GB] puts it in 2nd place – the only game that beats it in terms of size would be Timeleap Paradise – and that one is a whopping [~11 GB] – but hey’ it’s 3D CG [think Idolm@ster with no training, less flair and add custom H-scenes]

      • >School Days: around 8 GB
        >Timeleap Paradise: lil more than 10 GB

        We have a winrar.
        And no i don’t have School Days, but once again TLP is 3D CG sprites similar to The Idolm@ster, so there is a reason for size.

        Update: Somehow in the game [SISTERS], even if i make a choice to release the kraken outside, he still goes inside. Makes you wonder if they get too carried away or she takes the pill..

    • [spoiler]
      I got confused to. I don’t understand japonese very well. Actually I thought that was a man that got the problem with the memory.


      And yeah, it’s almost like you are playing an anime… I hope this the others erogame follow this example and get it better and better

      • After thinking a little and play some parts of game…


        Maybe i’m wrong, but the protagonist is who has the problem with memory. He is the men who both girls liked and he suffered the acident in the beginning of the game.


      • I see. It’s just that School Days is the most famous of this subgenre of eroge, and that had many possible endings with specific heroines. But if this game is so linear that you’re forced to take Chika, well, then that’s disappointing.

  3. After reading your review and as I’ve finished my end of term exams, I decided to give this game a try. Like

    you, I’m hooked by the impressive artwork almost immediately. However, after spending about 4 hours

    playing it, the game made me pretty disappointed.
    Firstly, although this game’s system is improved compared with School Days’s but it still has one really

    annoying flaw. Almost every moving scene is animated and there’s no way to skip it. As a result I have to

    watch these scenes whenever the protagonist moves from this room to the others and it’s really a pain in the

    neck. ~.~
    Furthermore, I don’t like the protagonist, especially after entering Chika’s route. He barely talks to her and

    when he really approaches her, it’s mostly for H. ~.~

    btw, have you tried Katawa Shoujo, Choux? It’s really good for an OEVN. :” >

    • I know~ There’s a patch to get rid of movies out there, but it gets rid of ALL the movies, some of which are critical to the plot, which is annoying.
      I’m actually playing Katawa Shoujo right now. Already finished Shizune, starting on Lily. I really like it.

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