In search of the ending images

Sometimes, in anime, there are these little omake images at the end of episodes. Sometimes the artists who draw them are really good. Sometimes they are really awful. In the case of oretachi ni tsubasa wa inai, I’d say that they are good.

Now, here’s a little problem. Sometimes, when I really like one ending image, I will search for the ending images of the other episodes. This happened with Ef, although I ended up giving up before I found a decent quality image of that one Naru Nanao piece of Yuuko with angel wings (there’s clearly a collection of these images floating around SOMEWHERE). This also happened with the world god only knows. In fact, it’s the main reason that I went to watch the anime (I had already read the manga, so there wasn’t a lot of incentive for me to watch the anime). I especially liked the images of that show because they used actual eroge artists (with the possible exception of Nagi Ryou), and some of them actually tried to make the images look like event CGs. The problem is, I ended up being interested in the ending images for oretachi ni tsubasa wa inai. I mean, Itou Noizi, Misaki Kurehito… It’s not quite on the level of The world god only knows yet  (who had Carnelian and Misato Mitsumi), but it could definitely surpass it. Looking at its quality, I’m not actually going to watch it, but it’s worth the effort of finding for the sake of the ending image. Tf it was as nice looking as the animated game opening or Shuffle, I would watch it, but they hired Nishimata Aoi as the character designer. That makes no sense. She’s really expensive, and instead of hiring her they should have hired an animator and put some more money into the actual animation.

Oh yes, I had mentioned a little problem, didn’t I?

The ending images don’t show up in the fansubs. Or crunchyroll. The episodes are cut off before the images show up.  Thankfully, there are Chinese subs, which are awaesometastic and include everything. But I have to wonder, why did they cut off that last part?

Anyway, is there any other end card fanatic out there? Anyone?


12 thoughts on “In search of the ending images

  1. I like them too, There’s always some in recent Shaft shows like Arakawa and Madoka. I’ve started taking screenshots of them recently, but I don’t have much, only the ones in Madoka. And yeah the ones in TWGOK are fantastic.
    About Crunchyroll and all, I wonder if they even have them in their original video. I mean the Japanese companies probably give them the episode without the ads and postcards. I dunno why they’re not in fansubs though.

    • The Chinese video and the crunchyroll video are slightly different at the end (after the ending song), so I would guess that there are different versions on different channels, and the one crunchyroll got was for a crappy channel? It’s either that, or then just cut the last bit to save space.

  2. Endcards are cool, but I never thought to collect them. Maybe I should start. Eyecatches, when the show has them, are also pretty cool! I don’t remember that many with actual art though.

  3. I’m wondering if there’s a term for “different artist drew this character”. Sometimes it’s quite good.

  4. @Amoirsp
    I’m not sure if this applies universally, but the term “Pin-Up” can be one way to find various artwork of the same media by different artists.

    Also Choux, on a somewhat unrelated note, if you have time in the foreseeable future you should reeeeeeally play Oretsuba’s eroge. When it comes to characters and their relationships/connections, this game is amazing

    • But the problem with pin ups is that they’re well… pin ups. In most cases, they would be fan art, and no matter what, there aren’t going to be any images without gratuitous fanservice.
      As for the game… I AM interested in it, but I don’t think my Japanese is good enough for it, so I’m waiting for a Chinese translation group. They’ve been working on it for a year now, and from the look of things all of the technical stuff is already done. So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best here.

  5. I’ll admit enjoying the ending pics of various series like Oreimo and Kami nomi, but I usually don’t actively go on to look for them.

      • Bakemonogatari’s artist, forgot exact name, Vofan, I really enjoy his insert arts. If my sources are correct, I believe he is the first Chinese speaking artist that made it big successfully into the Japanese market in the past 5 years because a Taiwanese publisher named MAXPOWER introduced him to Kodansha and has been drawing for Bakemonogatari and the series ever since.

        I’m surprised how publishers take parts in this, you know anything on relationships between publisher and artists?

      • Vofan is actually his entire name. I believe that he is the first of the Chinese artists to do so too. In terms of publishers and artists, there is actually a huge connection. If you think about it, everyone who draws for light novels, mangas and magazines (and that’s a LOT of people) all have relationships with publishers. Of course, there’s a lot of talent discovering and everything, that’s why Pixiv has such a strong relationship with the publishing industry.

  6. As a point of interest, for some series, at least recently, the end cards can usually be found in the BD/DVD limited editions as extras or in OSTs to fluff the packaging a bit.

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