Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji review

Produced by Alcot Citrus  in 2009, Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji was the only game released before the child company of Alcot closed down. In a nutshell, it’s a story about a guy, the people he love, and a shinigami.  Characters: The guy, the protagonist, the main character, is one named Makoto. His osananajimi died when they were young to save him, and now he has pretty much no will to live. He can be pretty funny at times though.  The non-blood-related sister is Shizuku. She’s a bit of a tsundere, and is great at insulting her brother. That, and throwing out sexual innuendos like no tomorrow.  The classmate/workmate is Honoka. Yes, she is every bit as sweet and reliable as her sterotype suggests. Her dad runs a video store, and is pretty funny. The problem is, she has a friend named Rin, who confesses to Makoto first. The loli shinigami is Kohaku. She’s pretty much emotionless, until character development kicks in. She doesn’t know much about the world either, which can be pretty funny. Her route is only unlocked afte rthe two other routes are cleared.


I thought that it was ok. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spoiled by Merry, or maybe because I went through the story pretty quickly at 1 in the morning, but I felt pretty much no emotional attachment to the character. At times, such as when Kohaku moved in, the story kind of felt nonsensical. The drama was ok sometimes, and the slice of life was entertaining enough. I think that a good point about the story is the fact that it is short. The story was more tight-knit and easier to go through.

The endings aren’t perfect, but they’re the subtle kind that gets better when you remember and think about them more. It might just be me rushing again, but I actually had to go and read a few analysis pieces before I got some of the plot points. The true ending is quite vague and open to many interpretations, like Cross Channel or inception.


I was pretty worried about the art, since the art of Real Imouto was pretty bad. But, from the looks of things, this is one artist that got worse as time went by, so the art isn’t that bad. Of course, it helps that the CG budget for this is a lot higher than that of Real Imouto.  In fact, I’d say that some CGs, like the one above, are pretty awesome. But most of the CGs, and especially the HCGs, are pretty bad. It’s also really inconsistent. In fact, during one h-scene, Kohaku went from hair down to twin tail to hair down again with no explanation whatsoever. The same applies to the character images. I’d say that this is pretty cute, despite te widely impossible position of that hand. Likewise, this isn’t bad, especially when complemented by some nice background CGs. But what the heck is this bottle shaped body/crocked face supposed to be? Kohaku looks so inconsistent throughout the game that I can’t help but think that there were two different artists who worked on her.


There aren’t many pieces of BGM, and I think only one vocal song, which is the opening. It’s overall of a pretty nice quality, and the number of pieces is enough for a game this short. The voice acting wasn’t bad.


Simple but effective, with little subtitles (such as the fading glow on flowers) that makes all the difference.


Art: 7×3=21/30

Sound: 8/10

Programming: 9/10

Total: 78/100 B- Overall, not a bad game. But it could have been better.


6 thoughts on “Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji review

  1. “I’d say that this is pretty cute, despite te widely impossible position of that hand.”

    Wait I don’t see the problem with that hand position. That’s actually how I usually stand :T

    • Very obese? You’d have to be at anorexic to be able to pull off that position properly. Her left arm is pulled away from her body, and for the other hand to be able to reach while showing her waist in such a matter is pretty impossible. Try to photograph yourself doing it and compare to the image.

      • I did try it before commenting it (I don’t like talking out my a**), didn’t need to bend/twist my waist to accomplish it, and I’m not exactly thin (not one bit). but oh well don’t sweet the little detail, maybe it’s a flexibility issue since I don’t find any problem doing it and other people do?

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