The Legendary Swordsman Returns!

I know some fear its a worrying trend in anime lately, brining back older shows, but much like InuYasha, I can totally accept this if its Kenshin. Especially if we finally get to see the damn Jinchuu arc animated!!!!!

So far there isn’t much news other than what ANN is reporting.

Kenshin was of course one of the first animes I saw and its still one I re-watch fairly often. With the exception of the OAV’s which I tend to pretend do not exist. While beautifully animated they don’t fit the style of the manga and in particular the bleak ending isn’t even loved by the manga creator Watsuki Nobuhiro, I for one much prefer his ending to the manga!

Now I just have to hope a decent studio gets it, I’m already drooling thinking about how cool the fight scenes could look with current animation…

Hopefully more news is forthcoming, and soon! I for one am just squeeing with delight thinking about all the cool figures that might come out, that’s if hubby hasn’t spent all our money on his ever expanding Sheryl Nome collection…


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