I love…

…Summer vacation, as I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more relaxed.

…Durarara, because it’s tightly written storyline is simply amazing.

….Panty, stocking, & garterbelt, since it’s one of the most entertaining series that I have ever seen in my entire life.

…Anohana, even if it’s a tad TOO melodramatic.

…Sherlock, because Benedict Cumberbatch is delicious.

…Portal 2, even though looking at the interface (well, the interface of anything akin of first person shooter) makes my head hurt. 

…Chinese translation groups, since they did Aiyoku no Eustia in 2 months. TWO MONTHS. Oh my MADOKA (the joke, for those who have played the game, is intended).

…I can’t believe I forget this, but I LOVE CANADA. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


10 thoughts on “I love…

  1. Ah, I really love Durarara as well.

    Aiyoku no Eustia? How nice… I’m currently waiting with anticipation on the English project. Haha.

    Hope you continue to have an enjoyable summer!

  2. I love Choux.


    On a serious note, it’s refreshing to see your blog post. I’m at post-AX with a bunch of other people so it’s been really fun.

    I’m sure there’s also a reason why nothing university related was mentioned but it is summer vacation so as long as it keeps going, savor the moment.

    I was being such a hipster at AX cuz like, cosplaying as Yumesaki Haruka, and then the CEO of CIRCUS didn’t recognize it. But then, that made sense, because nobody at AX recognized it, including people who did play the game, any VN players, or anyone who watched just about every anime. Although someone did think I dressed as Alice Margatroid from Touhou. And then I go to a figure panel and then ask about a long sold out resin kit and having every dealer sellings figures telling me that it can’t really be found.

    Yeah, and then people say I should write a blog. It was fun. The Canadians will vouch for that.

  3. It’s been a week now since Canada Day. Just stumbled on a post you made two years ago about trying to find bishounen characters in visual novels. In that time, there’s been several games and VNs which may appeal to your interests, such as the following…

    * Hanako Games’ recent products, such as Date Warp and Magical Diary
    * Winter Wolves’ recent products, such as Love & Order and Always Remember Me
    * Pacthesis’ Flash games, such as Chrono Days Sim Date
    * A bunch of freeware games, such as RE: Alistair, Frozen Essence, and Fantasia: The Realm of Thanos
    * A few fan translations, such as the first two Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side games for DS, and Starry Sky in Spring

    And Aksys Games has announced it will localize the PSP version of the reverse harem story Hakuouki. So yeah, it’s amazing how fandom can grow in a short time.

    • I’m picky though. I don’t like the art of any of the hanako games, the freewares, TOkimeki, or starry sky,For the winter wolves, I like the coloring, but not the line art. As for the flash games… well… I have a thing against them, since they do not look good and the plot is just not worth it. I mean, I like bishounens that I find to be bishounen, not characters that other characters in-world consider to be bishounen.
      Wait, does that even make sense?
      Anyway, I drool over Hakuouki though, it looks gorgeous.

      • Choux, you should have seen the cosplay aksys games did at their panel for Hakuouki. It looked good.

  4. I love Durarara too, so loving the new banner, thank you for that 🙂

    Also love Sherlock, but then I’ve always loved Holmes. The Hound of The Baskervilles was my first big book when I was a kid. I discovered Holmes when I was about 7 years old and I’ve loved him ever since.

    And Cumberbatch is delicious and fun. Though he’s never going to beat Brett in my heart, who will always be my most beloved Holmes.

    One thing I’m not too keen on about summer is the heat. 103F I’m melting!

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