I just wanted to find a good wallpaper

When I stumbled across this GORGEOUS rendition of Gumi. Ok. It wasn’t this EXACT picture, but a cropped wallpaper sized thing on Konachan, but anyway, I was DETERMINED to fine the artist to this picture. Of course, I started looking with the cropped version first, which brought up no answers. But eventually I was able to find the original image and track down the artist: Tibino (pixiv). <-major hetalia fan, btw.

Turns out this, one of the few completely color/completed images that Tobino has created was made for a song named “dramatic re:birth”. It’s not that good of a song, and Gumi was tuned pretty badly, which is a bit of a waste.

Now, why am I typing all this? Why, of course, so I’d have something which is close enough to substantial to go with the picture. That, and also because I want to ramble for a bit. I miss blogging.

On a related note. I LOVE this kind of coloring. Simple, but SO effective.

On a semi-related note, I dropped Hanasaku Iroha.

On a completely unrelated note, I got handed-me-down-ed an iTouch. Are there any useful/weird apps that any readers would like to recommend?

11 thoughts on “I just wanted to find a good wallpaper

  1. I have an iPod Touch as well. I find I usually abuse it for dictionaries. I use Kotoba! and Japanese for Japanese dictionarys, and just Dictionary for my english use.

    You can also crack it and then you can just get games, like Angry Birds lol.

  2. if you want u could jailbrake it
    and with that it opens many possibilites with the iphone/itouch
    like for me i managed to get umineko on mine and currently going through it right now portable style

  3. There’s Ano Hana’s character book for free on Android Market(it’s all in Japanese though…). Wait Iphone don’t use Android do they? I don’t really know…

    I dropped Hanasaku Iroha too…

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