Kimi ni Todoke – Confession Time!

So the latest chapter of Kimi ni Todoke illustrates so well just why I love it so much. While the story revolves around Kazehaya and Sawako, those that surround them aren’t just background characters who don’t matter at all.

I found myself anticipating this confession just as much as I had been dying to see Kazehaya finally confess to Sawako. Whether or not anything happens remains to be seen, since Chizu has never really looked at Ryu that way. But, I’m glad Ryu was finally able to tell her his feelings, since he’s been holding them in the longest of everyone in the group!

Yano however makes a different type of confession and I love that we got to see a more vulnerable side of her. She confesses to Kenta that while she may have dated a lot, she’s very different from Sawako and Chizu and the feelings they have.

She’s never had her heart thump, or experienced what its like to have someone that really likes her ask her out. It just makes you want to hug her like Kenta.

I seriously just want to root for everyone in this manga to get their happy ending. I love them all!


4 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke – Confession Time!

  1. …I was reading this on the ipod, So the picture didn’t display until I clicked on the post title…
    Anyway, I think that Chizu’ll come around to see Ryu that way. Definitely.

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