Choux’s awesome way to bypass Chinese security thanks to Sakura


Inventive lady that she is, Choux has figured out a way to post from behind China’s firewall of doom.  Read the comments to see what she has to say!


95 thoughts on “Choux’s awesome way to bypass Chinese security thanks to Sakura

  1. Ok. Hello there for anyone who’s actually reading this. I’m currently in China, and somehow or another I just can’t log into wordpress. HOWEVER, I can still post comments, so I’ve decided to make a post…out of COMMENTS. YEAH. I’m kind of addicted to caps right now. For that, I blame the cicadas.

  2. C is for…Cicadas!
    There are many things that makes a Chinese city in summer a Chinese city in summer, and Cicadas are definitely one of them. I had spent my first two days here in Shanghai, and I swear that they’re louder than the highway traffic. Keep in mind that the mufflers in many Chinese cars simply don’t work as well as I’d hope. Aside from the cicadas, there’s also the amazing humidity (which I think is making my joints swell) and heat. It’s even worse since the temperature here’s around 20 degrees higher than in Vancouver. However, summer vacation is still summer vacation, which means I have time to read.

    • Well its supposed hit 100F here tomorrow in Michigan, its been 8 straight days of temps in the 90’s we’re all melting!!!!!

      Its so hot I can sit comfortably rink side in a tee and shorts!

      But the fireflies are pretty at least 🙂

  3. H is for…Haruhi!
    The light novel industry in China has been growing for a while, which means, of course, that I was easily able to procure the latest Haruhi novels from a little shop around the size of one parking spot. Thanks to the five year gap in between, I cannot for the life of me remember what happened in the 9th novel. I’m halfway through the last book right now, and I’d say it’s quite interesting. There’s a little too much talking, but I’m sure that everything’ll come together soon. Kyon’s deadpanning is as interesting to read as I remember.

    • I would die if it wasn’t for AC. Sad fact, when in Cali on vacation, instead of spending a lot of time in the pool I mostly hugged the AC. It was like 104 F at the time 😦

    • Just finished Haruhi. Well…hmm… I have mixed feelings about this one…It’s interesting enough, but it beings up so many questions, and I’m worried that it’s going to be another five years before we get any answers…

  4. I is for…Internet!
    Seriously, the Chinese nerds come up with a new bypass program nearly every week. I can’t figure out for the life of me why the Chinese government even tries to ban sites. The whole thing is quite inconvenient, since many sites only fork for 20% of the time, and I can never know which 20%. Anyway, thanks to Sakura for giving me a way to rant how I want. You’re awesome.

    • You’re totally welcome. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for you right now.

      Someone suggested they did it because of how social media was used to help fuel all the protests in Egypt and China didn’t want any opposition to be able to do the same over there.

      • But they’ve been doing it for years, long before the Egypt thing.

        Now that I think about it, I wonder WHEN exactly the Chinese goverment started to control the internet…

  5. N is for…new anime!
    So far, I’ve seen 2 episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum and one episode of Uta no prince sama. The former is visually fantastic and quite funny/entertaining, with a snappy style that sometimes feels a little rushes (especially in the first episode). The latter is…well… See, it’s the shoujo equivalent of a fanservicy show, and I was (and still am) a little freaked out by all the singing and dancing. It is also extremely cheesy, but just funny enough to make me watch the second episode. I’m also looking forward to other anime, which I’ll get around to watching.

    • I have been slacking again, I do plan on watching Mawaru Penguindrum though, its one that stuck out in my mind as possibly being really good.

      I have two days off next week, so maybe I’ll get around to watching it then. If I’m not painting, studying, building a model kit, getting up to date on the dvr or having a Harry Potter marathon.

      So much to do!

      • Ooh…model kits…I saw a perfect grade Gundam model kit in a mall in Shanghai, it was so beautiful…but still as shockingly expensive as ever (for some reason, Chinese malls are really, really expensive. Despite everything else being cheaper, the prices there rival those in vancouver).
        What are you working on?

  6. A is for…Aiyoku no Eustia!
    It’s an interesting eroge, with it’s share of good and bad things. The plot is kinda predictable and riddled with problems, but it’s interesting enough for me to keep going with it.

  7. ….I just remembered that the comments all get sent to the writer’s mailbox…I’m sorry for spamming your mailbox, Sakura!

  8. True enough, they’ve been on the oppression route for so long they might not even be sure when they started it!

    So drooling at the thought right now. There is a store near us that has a perfect Grade Wing Gundam, I want it so badly, but at $300 probably not going to happen.

    I am however trying to talk hubby into the Arbalest figure. FMP is one of my fave animes. —>

    Its still poor old Brera’s VF-27, I started it a few months back while I was recovering and ended up returning to work sooner rather than later and never got too far on it.

  9. Wow, haha, what an interesting way to write a post :v

    That’s weird, when I was in China, I could go onto WordPress just fine (though I couldn’t search on google or wikipedia for ‘Chinese censorship’, go figure). I guess they change the filters like every day or something there.

    You live in Vancouver? Hah, isn’t the move even worse from somewhere like there? A few years ago, I was able to go back in the summer without being too uncomfortable but now, we had to schedule our vacation for May because it’s just way too hot in July and August.

    Final note: what is male fanservice anyways? I mean like female fanservice has pantyshots and stuff but what does male fanservice give? Crotchshots? :v

  10. There are some weird shops in China. I never thought that I’d ever get into a shop where the moment you step in, all the (female) employees say “Welcome poyo~” (the shop sells accessories and make up for girls, btw). Anyway, I just found out that there’s a manga cafe nearby, maybe I’ll check it out.

  11. Now that I think about it, I’ve finished the series I’ve been watching from last season. Denpa onna has its moments, but ended up being fairly lackluster (Erio is still MOE though). Anohana is much better, but man, that ending was cheesy. I’ve given up on Maria Holic at some point…

    …I didn’t watch that much from last season, did I?

  12. This is easily the oddest post I’ve read yet xD
    The thing is, most of China’s population isn’t technical enough to use proxies and bypass programs. A lot of youngesters are, but there are way more people that don’t know anything more than clicking on program icons. Techies are always amongst the minority, no matter how common they seem in our social circles =P
    That being said, I’m surprised you couldn’t proxy into wordpress to post through the dashboard. Speed would be pretty darn slow though =\

  13. Well this is something different, but hay, whatever you have to do to get the job done. I guess.

    Anyway, can’t you just use the wordpress post via email function? It’s in ‘Settings > Writing’

    Or does china even block emails?

      • It is a part of of wordpress. WordPress sets up a private email account and when you send an email to this account it will automatically add the post to the blog.

        As I said before, all you need to do to set it up is login to the wp-admin, go to settings, then go to the writing submenu and the option to set it up should be in there.

        You should be able to use any email service.

  14. I was wondering how were there 32 comments and then realized it’s Choux in China.

    That was entertaining to read.

      • No I think it had to do with the fact that it was Choux, Choux, and more Choux. So it’s like yay, yay, yay! [That am I’m trying to work on my communication tones because I seem to send insinuating marks.] I guess I’m not good at being concise when what I output sounds worse than intended lol.

        Again, I think it had to do more with the percentage than the quantity. Or the fact that there was that H-word post. So I wasn’t expecting such high Choux activity, added with two CI members actively commenting. [Or maybe it’s just summer vacation.] Then you add about summer heat, China, and other summer items.

        *reads down* I’m guessing you meant gravure, cuz that’s like, model correlated? Unless *looks up guarve* uh …. “…”

        In terms of anime uh wait I haven’t watched any in a long while. I just remember those watching Penguindrum mentioning penguins, a lot. I think I’m just waiting for Mashiro Symphony and hope it doesn’t suck. Then again, there’s no Izumi Tsubasu artwork there either.

        I’m surprised buying a camera in China wasn’t tempting, considering the sites you see. I haven’t been to China myself, but I heard it’s quite modernized in several areas.

        Choux have you ventured Light Novels? Last time I was in Asia, going into a bookstore, that’s all I could really think of. Light Novels.

      • lol.

        Yeah, I meant gravure.

        I do like menguindrum, but I hope that you won’t place too much hope in Mashiroiro symphony. I played through the trial/prologue, and I was SO BORED……….

        The thing is, I’m not much of a picture taking person, and I really don’t want to spend the money on something I won’t use again. We used to have one of those little digital cameras, then my dad upgraded into one of those humorousness things, the little camera disappeared, and you can’t exactly lug one of those big things around all that easily, but if you do have one a little digital camera’s useless. Anyway, I’ll probably go to an electronics market today, so I’ll see.

        I’ve been venturing into LIght novels slowly. The first was with Haruhi, then random other stuff like sword art online and that thing with Maria and a box or something… Anyway, I only started really reading since I got into Nisio Isin (zaregoto, the monogatari series, that mahou shoujo series he never finished writing, etc), and now I’m reading Seitokai no Ichizon, Durarara, this thing with a piano that I don’t know the name of, etc etc. The Chinese LN community is prolific enough that I can read all of this online for free, but I saw the books in a store and I thought “why not”? I’m thinking about MAYBE reading oreimo after this. I didn’t watch the anime because Kirino’s too bitchy, but apparently she’s much better in the books.

      • If I have time I’ll check out penguindrum. I’m sure I was bored from the trial too, as that’s all I played. It was a lot of Airi and I need to remember that Sakuno exhibits among the lowest energy of imouto characters. (Oh and the fact that I can’t read, but there’s a Chinese version trial?)

        I agree with the picture portion, as I took my camera with me and realized I never got around to taking it out. Then I get jacked because the concert attended forbids camera and forced a deposit or trashing it. Consider a little camera, for … overall family use. [On a random note I take photos on my cell phone, but it’s so primitive I don’t have the tools to upload, nor is the quality any good.]

        I still think Haruhi indirectly caused the light novel boom (of spawned productions, not necessarily popularity, but I don’t know the relative popularity). Remind me to brush up on my Chinese. I feel dumb for having Haruhi novels 1 – 7 (I might have 8? 9 wasn’t out in 2009) and not ever getting around to it (and having someone in the bookstore expressing displeasure over my excitement of getting the books in 2007 but I guess I was loud so it’s cool). Oreimo … I’m sure that’s warrantable. Less bitchy, most likely so.

        Personally I felt the momentum of the first volume of light novels in general rather plausible, and then I would stagnate soon after, whether it’s in English, Chinese, or Japanese.

        Pretty cool that you saw an opera play of over 100 years ago. Since China is rich in history, anything historical I would find rather appealing.

    • Ok. Make that three times on Chinese TV. It was a little kid singing on a variety show, and on the same show there were a few professors from this famous music university in China, who played a nice remix of Tamaki Mami’s Reason.

      Man, I cannot believe the kid was actually holding a leek and everything!

      • Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera (I mean, I DO, but it’s a bit broken and the reason that we brought it over is so that we could fix it). Is there anything in particular that you want to see?

  15. Hmm, not particularly, but I think it’d be cool if you had taken some pictures of some famous places or eateries in China and posted a few of them up on the site. But that’s just me.

    Well you’re having fun over there, right?

    • I haven’t been to a single famous place though. I’m not a tourist. Most of the places that I’ve been to are either little stores that probably won’t last the decade or chain stores. The most famous place I’ve been to is probably Shanghai’s biggest bookstore (which has SEVEN full stories, filled with pretty much everything besides porn), but even that’s not much of a famous place. Most of the food places are pretty shabby looking (not to mention seasonal street stalls that probably will be gone in a few months), and I’ve been eating at home quite a bit (nothing quite like home cooking, right?), so I don’t think that it would be all that interesting anyway. I AM having fun, although I have to say, thank Madoka for AC.

      • AC FOR THE WIN!

        Yeah, it’s HOT. Really hot. I heard it went up to 108 in New Jersey’s Jersey City, shutting down the police station O.o I’m so glad the only time I went out was to take out the garbage!

        Well, I might have liked to have seen a pic or two, even if they looked crappy. Also, did you just mention p***? Why did you mention p***? Do they have p*** where kids can get it? Please tell me they can’t touch that p***!!!

      • Oh, I saw some magazines…I think it’s spelled guarve or something, you know, those model pictures that are close, but not quite explicit? They’re imported from Japan, crazy expensive. Anyway, when I saw them, I couldn’t help but think “man, this store sells everything but straight up porn”, you know? I don’t know about kids, but they’re shrinkwrapped, and I don’t think the cashiers will let kids get to them.

      • A book store with seven full stories, oh my god that sounds like heaven. I’ve always probably read more than is healthy for a person.

        Actually it was unhealthy, I read so much I ended up needing glasses because I gave myself eye strain at one point!

  16. Just saw the first episode of Working!! It’s funny, and I like it. The thing that stood out the most to me? Kyouko’s legs in the opening. She has NICE legs. After that, it would be my annoyance at Mahiru. I have a thing against androphobic characters, especially ones who don’t see the problem with their own logic (if you are scared of men, why punch them? Just get away. If you’re prone to punching men, then why on EARTH are you working as a waitress in a family restaurant? Etc etc). Popura’s really cute though. I want a sempai like that.

  17. Hi there, that’s a nice way to blog.
    That’s cool, my sis just came back from Shangai 2 weeks ago, she told me it’s hot as hell too, she was visiting her childhood friend.

  18. Damn damn damn damn damn ….! Eustia’s ending killed me… Man, even the extra h-scenes, the Chinese group didn’t translate the ones with Eustia, and I can totally understand…. With the true ending here, all the other endings just seems so………………….GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
    Overall, it’s an excellent eroge. The production values are high, although some CGs look a little worse for wear, and I can’t understand why they have the money for random flashes of scenes but still keep using the same BG for different rooms/streets. There are quite a few tracks of BGM, but they tend to use only a few at a time, which makes them pretty repetitive. The system/effects is just awesome. This just leaves the plot, which, despite its structure, is quite enjoyable. I’ll definitely make a proper review of this later.
    P.S.: Damn, Iris’s cute when she wants to be.

  19. Today, I went to this really interesting place. It’s a few streets full of old buildings, full of that Chinese flavor, which have all been renovated on the inside. There are coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, bars, etc. The street also has the city’s one and only manga cafe, although sadly the shop is tiny, with only 2 shelves worth of books. The ground is tiled to feel like pavement, and the trees are strung with these weird christmas-ish lights. The policemen stroll around in what looks like big golf carts, and I saw more than one tarp being held up by a tower of beer kegs. There are a bunch of girls in cute outfits and little dresses strutting their stuff in some really awesome shoes…
    This city’s proving itself to be more fashionable than it lets on….I wish I had a camera.

    • And now you wish you could take pictures. Thanks for making us suffer, Choux!!! I knew it! I knew you’d find something to take pictures of, only to not be able to take pictures! 😀

  20. I have seen a trap where I’ve NEVER seen a trap before!
    Ok, it’s not a real life trap, although I did see a reverse trap at the street I went to yesterday.
    The story is, A man loves to to out and play around while crossdressing, and one day he caught the eye of someone who’s rich and powerful-ish. He/she was captured to be the man’s wife, although he/she obviously don’t want to. So, the man placed him/her in a room with his sister, hoping that the sister will convince him/her to sleep with him. Although, obviously, he/she’s really a he, so the sister and him/her ended up together.
    Lulz ensue.
    The funnier things is, this came from CHINESE OPERA, which is over 100 years old.

  21. I love China. You can buy cute little accessories and bags right next to otaku stuff. Thanks to that, QB can now watch me in my sleep (bought a pillow with him on it). I’m also the proud owner of the first volume of 子ひつじは迷わない, which I bought solely for Kagome’s art, but seems interesting too story wise. The cover boasts “Tsundere? Yandere? No, what’s hot right now is Lazy-dere!” You can’t pass up a book like that. I’m also happy to discover some nice artbooks by Chinese artists, and thanks to a siscon I met at the market (he’s obviously a siscon, since he has Asakura Yume on his computer and his t-shirt, plus he has Kasugano Sora on his mousepad. And also, he admitted it when I asked him.), I am now the proud owner of an ita-… wait, what do you call it if it’s on the computer? Anyway, Hatsune Miku now graces the top of my laptop. Turns out there’s a whole lot of stalls and whatnot that sells anime goods (cups, pillows, oppai mousepads,figurines, magazines, artbooks, etc), which is pretty interesting. There’s this one anzunyan cup that I had my eyes on, and now I’m seriously regretting not buying it…

    It’s not much fun bragging without pictures…sigh…

  22. I just watched the first episode of Kamisama no memochou…I do not remember the last time I laughed this hard, the gangsters are HILARIOUS! Also, the story’s interesting enough. The mystery felt a little weird, and I think that they skipped over a lot of the explanation for their conclusion, but it’s not bad at all. It helps that Alice is very, very moe, even if her seiyuu’s too flat in her delivery (I wonder how Minako Kotobuki sounded like as Alice in the drama CD…).

    • The second arc is much less interesting. Especially the ending. Ugh, the ending. There was no resolution in it! I don’t even want to call it an ending. Sigh…

      • This feels like a twitter feed now. xD

        Thanks for the review. I found a bit of time I can use to watch some anime in the coming days before going to Taiwan, but not quite yet. Or I should just watch anime in Taiwan, yeah.

      • I thought about using the blog’s twitter feed, actually, except that’s blocked too. Sigh…
        You’re going to Taiwan? That sounds fun.

      • Yeah, I’ll let you know how the vacation turns out. I need to figure out a pool of things to do though. It shouldn’t be too difficult I imagine.

    • Yup. They’re harsher with foreign sites because they can’t be shut down as easily as domestic sites, so instead of worrying about some problem arising in the future, they just shut it down before anything happens.

      Now that I think about it, I wonder if it’s safe to talk about this stuff here…

      • I forgot how foreigner rules apply. Wait … weren’t you born in China? *can’t remember*.

        Well uh, it’s not in Chinese, right?

        If it becomes a concern, then we’ll see you around. Until then, enjoy your trip to the fullest.

      • Twitter avatar. You’re blocked due to your location so you couldn’t have known. 😦

        He put credit where credit was due. (That would be a bit creepy if I knew without him saying who drew it, even if your art style has a Choux flavor to it.)

        Unfortunately I couldn’t tell it was Shiori. I actually thought it was a male character with armor.

      • Well to be more accurate, you know that avatar image size is rather small. Also I use my laptop at minimum brightness, and when I switch to my giant monitor at home, I get dimensionally messed up.

        But yeah I don’t know how I thought it was a man with armor. I can’t describe what type (iono, an effeminately drawn one I guess), but I definitely thought it was a male character. I didn’t mean trap either.


  23. A question for you about the Chinese translation of Eustia:

    Did they do anything with the main menus? We (Yandere TL) would like to edit them but it’s proving a bit difficult so we’re considering just leaving well enough alone.

    Also, I hope you get better soon. I fell sick after about a week in Japan and being sick away from home is really no fun. At least you can probably read the labels at the drug store a bit better than I could!

    • Yeah, the menus are all edited (all that I checked anyway, I played their beta with no menu translations, and installed their full patch mostly to glance at it). I don’t think that not having menus is too detrimental to enjoying the game.

      • Also, thanks… this week is turning out to be pretty bad. I just lost my iTouch, which is compounded by the fact that it’s the last thing given to me by my boyfriend, and we just had a huge fight which might mean that it really will be the last thing ever, and now it’s probably bouncing around in some happy taxi driver’s pocket…sigh…………………………………………………………………

      • Wait, in regards to the iTouch, although losing it does suck, doesn’t it have information of you, which is a bit bad? (Actually not much can be done about it I guess.)

  24. I have started to play Baldr force exe…until I remembered why I didn’t play Melty blood: I can’t figure out how the controls work. I know that there are buttons to press, but I can’t figure out which to press at which time and what each of them do……orz Apparently there are various weapons and combos? And you can equip stuff? I am so lost (see, this is why I play VNs, they’re more straightforward).
    Right now, I’m just putting the system on super easy and hoping that it’ll work out like Tears to Tiara did.

    • Also, just to rant: DAMN, the adaption curse strikes again! The moment an anime comes out, even if it’s an obscure OVA or something, if I try to search for a review in English, it’s ALL about the anime, and the eroge stuff is buried, BURIED into oblivion. Even if the OVA is complete crap. Even if a hell of a lot more people care about the game than the OVA. I call this the adaption curse. And I hate it. HATE IT.

      • Regarding Baldr force exe, how did you put Melty Blood as an analogy? o_O I don’t remember Baldr force exe being a fighting game. I certainly thought it was on the VN spectrum, not the fighting game spectrum. Originally I was going to comment about how to probably want to press A before B and C and … then realized Baldr force doesn’t use that system.

        Aren’t there instructions in that game? Even if you don’t know the controls you probably could just mash a method that works anyways. That’s okay, if it’s a mini-game section I recall playing things similar to that without knowing how to upgrade or putting on equipment. You just look for keywords and iono, I don’t think it was designed to be unbeatable, and if so, there’s probably a difficulty scaling.

        On the rant, I fully agree with you. What series are you referring to in particular?

        Whenever I think of the VN analogy with adaptation curses I think of the Feng games the most because Akasaka was the better game but Hoshikaka probably suited better for the general viewer by running more straightforward and yet the Feng game I like the most is Aozora which has just about no information anywhere (hm that’s probably why I like it, go figure). I was thinking of Izumi Tsubasu too since Mashifoni is supposedly going to be animated, but the website doesn’t update as fast as I look for it.

        This makes me happy there’s an anime adaptation or OVA due to exposure, until I realize the quality is not quite up to par most of the time. Well, I’ve ranted on years on how Kyoani should animate a non-KEY high quality VN so that viewers will know there’s actually something beyond that. I don’t recall recall a VN that was non-Kyoani animated that was on par, but then again several VNs with reviews haven’t been animated either. Since some are writing intensive, perhaps it’s good it’s not animated, but at the same time it still ends up relatively unknown.

        Yup, adaptation curse. However, you also realize that if the anime was never out, the amount of information is still obscure. It makes digging for the information you seek fun in a sense, until you realize you’re looking at the same few sources. Looking for buried information is fine, but you’re looking at the same thing.

        On a random note I could search Saishuu Shiken Kujira forever and never find information of the details of the game, and circus would not be using the correct logic to translate it to English.

        But yes, post an example, unless it is for general information.

      • Yeah, there’s gameplay involved, and it really is a lot of button mashing and combox and whatnot. If there are instructions in EXE, I can’t find them, but I managed to also get Baldr Bullet, which, despite some rather hideous graphics, has some really helpful tutorials and whatnot. I’m still trying to figure the heat graphs and weapons, but at least I’m not lost like a headless fly anymore.

        In this case, I am talking about Demonbane. Isn’t it sad that you can find more references to the short (and apparently crappy) ova than to the game? It happens to everything though. Try finding a review of H20, footprints of the sand that’s about the game and not the anime. I can’t even find MY review on google. Same thing with light novels. Try to find a review that’s actually about the novel of Infinite Stratos, and you’re left stranded for hours without hope in sight… Thankfully the Chinese are so much better at this stuff (I think it’s structural differences, but the way you find stuff is just so different…)

        Also, for SEK, I found some stuff on Chinese forums. Would you like a plot rundown?

      • If I had ever played the baldr series I could get a vague idea, but in this case I don’t. I’m guessing the combos were strung or timed so button mashing doesn’t quite work. Well no idea on that matter.

        I failed to guess on the VN, probably because I can ignore demonbane findings since it’s available in store. But yes, not able to find anything on that. Maybe the name, but that’s about it.

        Lol on H2O I saw exactly one review other than yours, and that was a forum post. The next time I did a search, I was lead to the same post. That would mean that was pretty much the only available review in English clearly visible at the time, and this was before 2009 when you posted about it. Specifically I believe it was early 2008.

        For IS, I find it surprising only because well, it seemed many enjoyed the anime, or at least watched it. Then again it’s hard as you say to find information on the light novel specifically. I find it unfortunate because while the anime can be deemed reasonable, it’s always nice to know what was in the lesser known medium, particularly where the original work was.

        And yes I would like to know of this SEK information.

  25. Yeah, but that could have been before the H2o anime was released.
    For Kujira, apparently it’s a very confusing plotline.
    Things start out with the whale. People don’t seem to see the whale as something abnormal. And it seems somehow connected to the mysterious girl, who the protag meets (bur he can’t remember their meetings properly until you finish at least 3 ending or something). Sometimes, the whale disappears, and everyone’s reactions/relationships to the protags seems to change, but then when the whale reappears again, everything goes back to normal. This is because the world with the whale is an artificial world created by the protagonist, so what he sees as normal is actually abnormal.
    For the character paths:
    The glasses girl likes photography because her father was a photographer, but he died (killed because of some military conspiracy or something). At the end, she’s saved by the mysterious girl from the military thing, and gives back the glasses, which originally belonged to the mysterious girl (it was given from the MG to her). They go back to the normal world, and because of their love for each other, they retain their memories of the artificial world.
    The floating girl’s ability somehow got her father to die and her mother now broke down and made her go through scientific experiments. I think she can float because she has a piece of the whale. At the end, she gives the piece back to the MG.
    For the imouto path, weird things keep happening to the reality, and for some reason the imouto feels more familiar when she dresses up as an older person. Turns out she doesn’t actually exist, and the protag maintains the artificial world so he can keep being with her.
    In the MG path, a sickly girl who’s missed a lot of school, Sae, finally comes to school. The protag calls her muuchan, because he has a vague memory that it’s her name. In the day, he meets Sae, and in the night, he meets the MG. He notices that they’re very similar. Both people’s memories are distorted/unstable, and when the protag finally notices that Sae and MG are the same person, the artificial world breaks down. Apparently he used to know her, but sealed his memories because he did something wrong. I think it’s because she’s ill, and she collapsed when the two of them were playing together. The protagonist felt so bad that he escaped to his own artificial world. HOwever, before that, the two of them promised to never forget each other, and that remenant of a promise allowed the MG to exist. The MG herself doesn’t know how/why she’s there either, but she knows the truth to the world. Sae exists in the real world, but in the Artificial world, she’s the creation of the protag. So, when the protag realizes that her and MG are the same person, the artificial world starts to collapse, and the artificial Sae begins to be assimilated into the real Sae. At the end, the two Saes appear at the same time. At that point, it seems that they have fused a lot. The artificial Sae was preventing the world from collapsing because she was the hesitation of the real Sae to rip the protag from his comfortable world. At the end, A Sae and the protag bides eath other farewell. However, the words on the screen and the lines actually spoken by Sae are different, and the spoken lines represent her real emotions, which revel that she doesn’t want the two of them to be apart.
    Now, everything comes together. The imouto was a replacement for Sae (they even have the same BWH). The imouto and A Sae know what each other are, and when the protag gets closer to Sae, the imouto disappears. OR it might be that she wasn’t a replacement for Sae, and disappeared only to help the protag with his memories. A lot of this stuff is up to interpretation. The imouto might also be the resurrected form of the protag’s dead older sister.
    There isn’t too much info on the twin path. All I know is that one of the sisters doesn’t actually exist. Maybe.
    It;s all very confusing.

    • Oh I’m very happy with this. I was like MG? Main Guy? OH, Main Girl lol. Lol on twins.

      Despite the confusion it makes more sense now.

      I like it. I’m guessing Niina is the floating girl and … Yun’s the mysterious girl?

      I want to find circus now, but they probably don’t understand either. They couldn’t recognize my SEK imouto cosplay. (But, given your comment, maybe they were being consistent with the plot! No nevermind I really doubt it).

      Thank you so much Choux!

      On the H2O note, yes the review was posted around or slightly before the anime airing time, but it was a game review for sure. Except it was the only game review I ever saw. Route AAA didn’t exist at the time (which is probably even more non-existant despite holding content of afterstory and original).

      But then again it’s odd to play a game for it’s trap. Then again that’s the best part particularly when the game’s mediocre.

      Although slightly off topic, have you ever tried looking up plot or reviews on VNs that aren’t even PC? Doing that is even harder. While I seem to like looking information on Mizuiro or SEK which are rather non-existant, looking up the PS2 VN Final Approach is even more non-existant than that. It was hard enough getting the real thing because no one ever stocks it.

      [Though I don’t know, maybe the Chinese forums actually reviewed PS2 VNs considering their vast pool].

      • I don’t know about final approach, but there’s a partial patch out for Mizuiro, so I’m sure there are people talking about it (I’m not planning to play it though, the art is just too much).

        Also… There’s cosplay? By you? I demand pictures! 😛

      • Final Approach is highly unlikely because I don’t think attempts on translations would really occur on a PS2 exclusive visual novel. It never had a PC port and I doubt it ever will. I haven’t seen PrincessSoft around since 2007 so hm, I wonder what occurred.

        And yes I cosplayed. I thought I mentioned that to you back in May/July. Oh, it’s possible I didn’t since you were unavailable for a good duration. Ok I didn’t actually save a photo of me wearing it, particularly when uploading it would be public perception suicide. That and the reality of wearing it was a lot different than the excitement of purchase and waiting for it to arrive.

        And you know SEK is rare when Circus themselves couldn’t recognize it. 😦 [Speaking of SEK, don’t you mean FEK or SSK?] Although for that same rarity reason is probably why I got it (Hamaji cosplay does not exist.)

        I didn’t have the headband though, and I was wearing glasses but I’m certainly it has to do with the absolute rarity of the series as literally nobody knew. I might as well have worn a blonde wig and call myself Alice Margatroid as it was not only suggested, but the only guesses to who I was was Alice. The pink hair reduced the guessing rate.

        I’ll be packing up soon but I find my misplaced camera, it is possible to procure a photo for you. Now I’ll go put on shades too. Preexisting photos that I have on hand only have the item itself, or the packaging.

    • Taiwan. I thought I mentioned that to you. Perhaps not. o_O That was the Asia analogy I was implying earlier, along with the teleport notation and the consumption and ….

      Maybe I need to rid my habit of assuming the person I’m speaking to knows what I’m talking about.

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