I am BACK! And I’m here to brag! And I have no idea what I did in China because I don’t remember finishing a single series or anything! I mean, I ate a lot of food, but I have serious problems with recollection involving days where I stayed at home.


Anyway, back to stuff I got in China. It was a pretty big shopping spree, and of course, this picture doesn’t even cover half of the clothes that i got, but this is an ACG based blog, so I’ll be concentrating on the ACG related.

This is kind of weird, since I don’t read loot posts (I only look at them for the pictures), but oh well. I’m jet lagged, slightly hyper/insane, and I feel like it. 

When you look at this, I hope the first thing that pops up at you is QB. If you can’t notice him at a distance, you’re in GRAVE danger.

That doesn’t even make sense.

Anyway, I got the QB pillow and the two fans as a giveway of a magazine. I didn’t find the magazines to be all that great, but the stuff they come with is pretty good. On the left hand side is a guide/fanbook to Hetalia, which is really detailed with a good number of pages of art, staff interviews, and a CD that contains this special media coverage with (cheap/crappy) pictures from Nishimata Aoi (seriously, I don’t think she even finelined the stuff).

Underneath are the only artbooks I got. Two of the are from Shel, who is a Chinese artist that I love. I thought that I would NEVER be able to get one of her books, so I’m really happy. Unfortunately though, there’s a few pages of manga in the second artbook. I say unfortunately, because the pages detail the meeting of a boy and a girl, and apparently there’s going to be a long continuation to the story, a continuation which I would probably be never able to see. Sigh………… After that, it’s Misaki Kurehito’s Cradle, which contains what I think is much of his magazine and light novel illustrations, and a Suzuhito Yasuda artbook which mainly feature Durarara! I would say that they’re pretty decent artbooks, although Misaki Kurehito’s newer coloring style has something that urks me, and Suzuhito Yasuda’s older art is…well…

You can probably imagine.

Of course, I got 8 volumes of Durarara!, which has a horrible name in Chinese that roughly translates to “Odd rumurs about the headless rider”. Which is just weird. Anyway, I am on volume 6 right now, and I’m stuck. See, to sum up what goes on later in the novels require only 3 words: “shit goes down”. The first three volumes are kind of one big arc, and the fourth volume is pretty self contained in terms of plot. However, the fifth volume is leading the protagonists into ever bigger piles of…let’s just say trouble, and ends in a cliff hanger. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING good can come out as a result of the stuff that goes on, and I’m just too worried about the fate of the characters to keep reading… I can’t even check the internet to see if a certain incident involving Mikado’s kouhai gets resolved because I’m too scared of spoilers on the internet.

Anyway, the other five books there are from an Chinese art magazine called 约绘, which is a play on words. It sounds exactly like “date”, but instead of the words of “promise” and “meeting”, it’s “promise”, and “drawing”., which is pretty clever. I haven’t read the magazines in detail yet, but considering the amount of pretty pictures inside, I’m sure it’s a good buy.

Next up are what I think is the Chinese version of NEwtype magazine. It covers a lot of anime stuff, but I got a few volumes mainly for the swag. This includes the Madoka pillow/fan earlier, and also the Rei bag, half naked catgirl card holder, and the things that you put onto door handles. I have no idea what they’re actually called, but they’re pretty funny. For instance, the Anohana one says “On my way to becoming a buddah, please knock lightly”.  The magazines also came with CDs containing ACG related music, which came with little booklets (containing translated lyrics) that you can make into pretty little CD cases (see the picture below)/  The 4 novels near the bottom are from  さよならピアノソナタ, which I bought solely for Ueda Ryou’s art. It’s pretty standard fare, with a dense protagonist and a kind of harem-ish thing (think Toradora). The problem is, it’s about music and there’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much description of music that I’m unfamiliar with. I like how the author actually includes an index in the back for the  musical pieces mentioned in each novel, but I’m way too lazy to actually look them up and listen to them.

I also bought the two latest volumes of Haruhi (not bad), one volume of Seitokai no Ichizon spinoff (funny), one volume of 子ひつじは迷わない (which is composed of short mysteries, in other words, simple/boring puzzles. I can’t believe this thing actually won an award), and two volumes of Zero no Tsukaima (which the store owner gave to me for free). In the corner is the Code Geass anthology for girls, which is a hilarious collection which I got right before I left for China.

Lastly, two giant stickers to decorate my laptop with. The sizes are a little small, since laptops in China are just smaller for some reason, but I can make it work. Cookies goes out to whatever reader recognizes the pictures from one of my posts~

So…yeah. That’s all the ACG stuff. I’m sleepy now. Wish me luck in overcoming jetlag.


9 thoughts on “Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I feel like you teleported but I did forget how long you were there. Great that you enjoyed shopping. Didn’t expect so much consumption. xD

    “and two volumes of Zero no Tsukaima (which the store owner gave to me for free)” -> Awesome. Well I guess technically it’s old by now. I believe in 2007 I went to shop for it but couldn’t figure out the Chinese name for it lol. Speaking of which, although I bought it I haven’t … opened it. orz

    Cookies sound good but I can’t quite put a finger on the name.

    What does ACG stand for anyhow?

    • I’m glad that you like it, but personally I strongly dislike Zero no Tsukaima. Louise bugs me to no end. She is one of the least likable fictional characters I’ve ever seen.

      ACG=anime, comics, game

      • I think we had this discussion before where you mentioned you didn’t like ZnT. I think only it’s initial impact was good, but I think the light novel pool has gotten quite big lately.

        That’s probably also why you didn’t buy it. 😛

    • You can just run it through a converter lol. With romaji.com, i got Sayonara piano sonata and Ko hitsujiha mayowa nai.

      • That means me having to make the effort to find out! WAAHHHH!!! 😀

        Anyways, welcome back home–and find a safe place to put your loot!

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  3. Me jealous. Me SOOOOO JEALOUS.
    I can’t wait to go back to China next year. I swear i’ll loot whatever store/ anime convention I can find.

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