Kuroshitsuji chapter 57-59

The thing with Kuroshitsuji is that it comes in arcs, and contained within each arc are various things that happen. But, I’ve always thought that considering this format, it is much better to wait a year or so and then read the whole arc. However, a friend told me that there are zombies, and I just had to check out how ridiculous it is. And it IS ridiculous. I mean, being stuck in a sinking boat (which is SO titanic-y) where a cult has made zombies and shinigamis have come to kill them? Really?  Anyway, by chapter 56, I was facepalming, but then, we came across THIS…

As the zombies surrounded her, I thought FOR SURE that she was going to die. I mean, she’s been portrayed as cutesy and girly and helpless throughout the story, and there’s no way that a damsel in distress can beat off a zombie mob, right?


Oh my oh my, cute little Elizabeth is actually badass. Who would have thought? Now that I think about it, the servants turned out to be secretly badass too. Now that I think about it more, I MISS the servants. I know that Sebby and Snake are here, but I miss the others…sigh………….

Anyway, in chapter 58, there’s a lot of focus on Elizabeth, which explains a lot of her behavior, such as her obsession with frilly and cute stuff.

Half of it was societal pressure, and half of it was her perception that Ciel wouldn’t like a girl who’s good at fighting and whatnot.

Many characters go through this period of adolescence where they reject their growth, but it’s been a while since I saw this in a girl (the last time I can remember this happening in in full moon wo sagashite). I love the analogy that’s used for this situation.

It’s all fine though, Elizabeth, Ciel really really likes you, I mean, just look at this reaction! Oh, I have NEVER seen Ciel be this embarassed. Oh, you little tsundere~

Unfortunately, Elizabeth is soon incapacitated by Sebby and stuck onto the lifeboat for her own protection. It’s the smart thing to do, but I really want to see her fight some more zombies! After this, we encounter the Viscout of Druitt, who’s annoying and sparkly.

He’s too sparkly, too pretentious, too stupid, and much too annoying, seriously. Just look:

Ok, to tell you the truth, I’m not so much annoyed at the character as the obvious/horrible comedic relief.

That’s just BAD. That’s like

…or something…

No wonder everyone wants to kill the guy. Seriously, these scenes are supposed to be filled with tension, and there was a nice bit of drama with Elizabeth, why ruin the scene with something this pointless and tedious?
Fortunately, chapter 59 is somewhat saved by the undertaker showing off. Guess what?

A) Underneath that cape and robe, he’s wearing skin tight leather.

b) He’s hot.

My guess is that he’s the one who made all this zombie stuff happen because he is an ex-shinigami and he wanted to extract revenge against the shinigami society or something. Let’s see how things turn out next month~





One thought on “Kuroshitsuji chapter 57-59

  1. Oh god, I loved this chapter. It completely turned my view of Elizabeth around. I used to think of her as a spoiled, whiny, rich brat. LOL. I’m sorry. And then she took out her double-sword and I just had to worship her. 😀

    Chapter 60’s out and it turns out your prediction is correct. Undertakes IS responsible for the zombie stuff.

    And yiz. He’s hot. Hahaha. 😀

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