Everytime I see some kind of food like this, I sigh, because I feel worry for the people who eat this. I know that I would never steel my nerves enough to eat something that’s so adorable…


Kinda reminds me of this delicious piece by kokudou juunigou (I hope that none of you are thinking about eating the girls!


7 thoughts on “Nya-licious?

    • I have made cookies, animal breads (I posted a bacteria on this blog), and one time a fondant cake that’s shaped like a hat shaped like an apple with a rainbow caterpillar on it. It was hard to eat, at first because it was too cute, and then because I forgot to put jelly in the caterpillars and the fondant tasted kind of nasty.

      • That either makes me curious on what’s in the inside of those nya-licious items, or not wanting to know, in case something was left out or cut in corners.

  1. I’d eat the middle set of donuts as they sorta look like Kyubey. There’s surely no guilt from pretending to eat that amoral b***ard, right? Plus, there will always be more Kyubey’s/donuts to replaced the eaten ones. Sound enough logic, if you ask me. 🙂

    • 。。。You know what’s odd? I replied to this post with a “lol”, and the comment didn’t show up. I think I was caught by my own spam filter…

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